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Effective communication is essential in reaching your business goals, but traditional office phone systems can be expensive, difficult to set up and hard to scale.

Smart businesses are making the switch to voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which allows users to make calls online rather than an analogue phone system.

VoIP opens up many communication possibilities, such as logging in to your extension anywhere in your business or re-routing expensive mobile calls. You can use VoIP for video calls, instant messaging and file sharing via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to ensure you don’t miss any business opportunities. Whether you have one location or multiple sites, solutions from Jasco VoIP providers Melbourne can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. At Jasco, we deliver managed services, products and business VoIP

Advantages of VoIP solutions

  • Lower Costs:Long distance calls can result in some overwhelming phone bills, not to mention maintenance and repairs could also be quite expensive. Sending your voice traffic over data network lines can provide a cost-effective alternative.
  • Flexibility:With traditional telephone lines, when you move office, you need to call the phone company and arrange to transfer your current number to the new location. With IP telephones, your number moves with you.
  • Added Features:You won’t need to give up any of your favourite features when choosing VoIP. In fact, VoIP gives more customised control, including selective call forwarding, personalised ringtones, collaboration with other applications such as email, and even a user control interface.
  • Greater productivity:Make your team more productive with user-friendly interfaces and simple systems that don’t require hours of training before use. Staff can also use your communication system remotely.

VoIP Melbourne businesses can rely on

A managed VoIP service offers proactive administration of your devices to ensure up-to-date configurations and a secure, functional environment. Jasco can provide the entire managed VoIP telephony solution, including hardware as a service, eliminating upfront capital expenditure. From design to implementation through to ongoing monitoring and support, our managed solutions allow you to take advantage of the latest enterprise IP technology without significant upfront capital investment. In addition, we can provide clear reports that help you monitor your usage and enable us to predict future requirements. We work closely with you to manage your requirements with flexibility, so you can better meet the growing demand for your business.

Why choose Jasco business VoIP Melbourne?

Are you based in Melbourne and looking for a VoIP Solution? Jasco delivers business grade VoIP solutions all over Melbourne. Have special requirements? Let us tailor a solution to suit your needs. We’ll be happy to give you a call and go through the list of your requirements. Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll provide you with a detailed quotation. We can also create custom call plans, integrate with third-party systems and customise the setup to create a custom solution based on your requirements. Contact us at Jasco today to learn more.

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