TIPT (Telstra Internet Protocol Telephony), is a unified communications solution that’s simple, flexible and scalable, and highly reliable. It allows customers to converge voice, video and data on one network while providing a consistent user experience across devices and locations.

TIPT is underpinned by the reach, reliability, and security of the Telstra Next IP network and is as simple to procure as picking a user pack based upon the features you require, selecting the end-points for your staff and finally choosing a calling plan to suit your business needs.

Once deployed by trained Jasco technicians, the whole platform is managed via an intuitive web portal available exclusively within your Next IP network and is backed by the Telstra support team.


  • Simplicity: TIPT allows you to bring your workplace together in an easy and fast manner that allows everyone to share information seamlessly. It ensures that everyone has a consistent user experience
  • Functionality: TIPT is convenient and flexible, ideal for offices and branches of all sizes, as well as remote sites or contact centres. Real time availability means that the time previously spent playing phone tag and chasing others for work becomes productive.
  • Innovation: A collaborative communication solution not only makes it convenient to share information and stay connected with all onsite and mobile staff, it also provides agility to the business.
  • Lower Cost: Delivery telephony services such as TIPT as a network-based solution can be cost effective by removing the need to manage equipment, licenses, and separate voice and data operations. What’s more, is if your business has a dedicated Telstra network, integrating your telephony with your data network can help heighten investment.

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