At the heart of a suite of solutions, is Microsoft’s System Center. This solution  delivers devices management, on-premises and cloud backup, network and server monitoring. As a simplified datacenter management experience to keep you in control of your IT, System Center also works with automation, anti-malware, virtualization management and most importantly, IT service management.

Deployed as individual solutions or an integrated platform, System Center provides both on-premises, cloud and hybrid management enablement. The solution is an essential part of  modern digital transformation, and assists in all stages of the digital transformation.

System Center allows users to expand the breadth and depth of monitoring for infrastructure and applications across public and private clouds.

As a mature management platform that has just turned 25, System Center has a place in every business to improve efficiency and management of services.

What customers love about System Center:

  • Enhanced Performance: Easy to use consoles and simplified workflows to improve experience, including one-click features, templates and alert running
  • Efficient operations: Quickly get things done with one-click features and a straight forward console
  • Support for multiple systems: Ability to manage and monitor open systems such as linux, Hyper-V and VMware.
  • Cloud integration: Allows for visibility and control of data and app with Azure security and management integration.

Click here to have a read of the latest changes within Systen Center from Danny Grasso, our cloud and Microsoft guru.

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