Sinefa is a Melbourne based software company that provides solution for visibility and control for data networks. It allows network managers to see all the applications, users, devices, and links on the network, and to easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications. The solution combines Layer 7 visibility with network quality metrics, so network managers can quickly understand how bandwidth is being used at each event. This analysis enables the network managers to find out information about event attendees, such as the different websites they are visiting based on IP addresses or the part of the network they are in.

By introducing Sinefa into the networks, network managers can manage the bandwidth effectively by prioritizing business critical application/s on the link

Benefits of migrating to Sinefa

  • Eliminate network congestion and improve application performance with simple and scalable shaping. Ensure Office365, VoIP, Citrix and other critical applications perform at their best. Easily limit recreational use as required.
  • 100% visibility of your Telstra network Rapid deployment in any part of your network via software or zero-configuration low-cost hardware means no more blind spots.
  • Improved ROI on cloud infrastructure Higher uptake of cloud applications due to improved user experience, right size your cloud network infrastructure.
  • Self-service via Sinefa mobile app Realtime visibility of your network on your iOS or Android device means you’ll never be in the dark again. 

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