Network security is only one aspect of making your organisation secure. Network security is not simply a firewall or series of firewalls that provide edge protection from the internet. Network security compromises, Firewalls, Intrusion detection and prevention devices, Malware Protection, “Enterprise Security” wireless deployments and Network Access control.
Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW’s) are the evolution of traditional firewalls which are more in tune with level of sophistication in security attacks of today.

In addition to stateful inspection provided by traditional firewalls, NGFW’s include;

  • Application level filtering as opposed to port and protocol level filtering
  • IPS protection
  • Malware protection and URL Filtering
  • Identity based security where security policies

Next Generation firewalls are an all-in-one encompassing solution but NGFW’s alone is not suited to larger enterprise customers.

A more secure approach is to use NGFW’s in combination with individual security component from multiple vendors on multiple appliances.

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