Multi-factor Authentication enables applications to use more than one method of authentication to increase security. This is often summarised as something you have, something you own and something you are. MFA services can be delivered as a cloud or on-premises service that integrate with VPN, RDS and Citrix remote access solutions to name a few, through an identity provider such as Active Directory Domain Services or Azure Active Directory.

Why you should use Azure MFA:

  • Easy to use: Azure MFA is simple to set up and use. The extra protection that comes with azure MFA allows user to manage their own devices.
  • Scalable: Azure MFA uses the power of the cloud and integrates with your on premises AD and custom apps. Tis protection is even extended to your high-volume and mission critical scenarios.
  • Always protected: MFA provides strong authentication using the highest industry standards
  • Reliable: Microsoft guarantees 99.9% availability of azure multi-factor authentication. The service is considered when unavailable when it is unable to receive or process verification requests.

Multi-factor authentication uses a combination of the following factors

Something You Know:

Username, password, PIN or security questions

Something You Have:

Smartphone, one-time passcode or Smart Card

Something You Are:

Biometrics, like your fingerprint, retina scans or voice recognition

With so many credentials having been compromised and made available to attackers, password-based security is no longer effective. Because Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires multiple methods for identification, it’s one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate data.

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