Microsoft Exchange is the world’s most popular business messaging software. Exchange basically is a computer server that stores company email, calendar, address book and files that are then available 24/7 and can be shared amongst staff within an organisation. It is the most prominent mail server as it allows people within the organisation to receive meeting requests in real time.

Other features of Microsoft Exchange

  • Exchange is designed for optimal security and privacy with a variety of features at both the server and mailbox level. Microsoft Exchange server uses a network security protocol that provides mutual authentication for a network connection.
  • Exchange server includes rich features for personal, group, and resource scheduling that integrates with e-mail, contacts and tasks. Users can share their calendar information and view multiple calendars simultaneously to send meeting requests for shared open times. In return, recipients can decline or propose a different time on any devise – desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Collaboration with SharePoint and OneDrive: Exchange comes up with the capability of integration with SharePoint. When an Exchange user receives an email with a document attached, it will be saved automatically to OneDrive or an on-premise SharePoint server.

Why Jasco?

As one of Australia’s first Microsoft partners, Jasco has successfully provided Microsoft solutions to organisations across several industries and technical discipline. Jasco’s expertise in cloud, network and communication has allowed us to grow and lead the industry for over two decades.

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