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To handle today’s increasing need for staff to work away from the office, Citrix provides you with the capability of hosting all your staff’s required applications from a centralised location, with the ability to be accessed from any location and from virtually any device. Users can also be provided with a full virtual desktop to perform all their work from, negating the need to manage and maintain end user workstations.

This can also provide a very quick and efficient way of migrating to new operating systems as these are all kept centrally, and with Global policies put in place to maintain end user data, there is no risk of losing end user files and documents.

Business benefits of Citrix

  • Reduced cost of client endpoints
  • Reduced management of client endpoints
  • Quicker and more cost-effective process to upgrade Operating versions
  • Fast rollout of additional resources to expand as your staff base expands
  • Consistent master image server used to keep all resources identical

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