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High-quality service whatever the location. Cloud Infrastructure enables you to maximise the cost and flexibility benefits of the cloud, while retaining full control of your environment.

Microsoft Azure

Straight from the cloud

Cloud Infrastructure allows you to retain full control of your environment and utilise the financial and flexibility benefits. With Jasco, you can benefit from our high-quality service regardless of your location. As one of Australia’s leading cloud hosting providers, we guarantee our experience and innovative approaches to technology will benefit your business. By using our security and management services, you can protect all of your applications. The security services and high-grade performance are pre-built-in, so all you need to do is access the virtual servers on your network and run the applications.

Our Microsoft Azure cloud hosting is the perfect strategic investment for all of your customers. With Azure, you can benefit from the enterprise-ready cloud and all the additional benefits that come with Azure laaS solutions.

When you choose Jasco, you can select the virtual server that best suits your business model. Choose between shared or dedicated computes that run in our data centres across Australia. You can also choose both options and host them on the same public cloud. All of our servers provide secure and reliable cloud hosting services that come with 24/7 technical support. Be sure to look at our about us page where you can read our mission statement and contact us regarding any inquiries you may have.

Quick provision infrastructure for all your workloads.

Protect your applications with security and management services

Deploy hybrid environments consistent with your on-premises infrastructure

Protect your applications with security and management services

Telstra CSX

Straight from the cloud

The CSX platform is Telstra’s answer to Private Cloud computing. It provides an alternative to hosting your own infrastructure in a secure, well maintained datacentre. With hardware managed by Telstra, the responsibility of maintenance is now in the hands of Telstra, giving you more time to concentrate on what matters most, the service being delivered to your staff and customers. Utilising Vmware for its Virtualisation infrastructure, an entire suite of options is opened for you to virtualise your workloads.

CSX comes with highly secure firewall options to give you the peace of mind that your environment is secure from the ever-increasing risk of today’s network threats.

24/7 Support

Our virtual servers provide a secure, reliable and sustainable public cloud environment with defined service level agreements and 24/7 technical support.

Custom Virtual Server Solutions

Choose the right virtual server option that suits your enterprise business – on shared or dedicated compute in our data centres in Australia. Or choose both and run them in the same public cloud environment.

Encoded Security

Security, reliability and performance are already built in. All you need to do is run the applications you need and access your virtual servers through your private network and internet.

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