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What is Managed IT Services?

Accelerate return on technology investments with outsourcing that makes sense.

Jasco’s Managed IT Services team allow customers to outsource their technology management responsibilities to Jasco’s team of experts. This works as a strategic method to improve operations and accelerate a return on technology investments.By allowing Jasco to be an extension of your IT team, we ensure optimal operation, provide ongoing remote monitoring and hosting services, and help meet changing requirements while saving on operational expenses.

As your business grows, so do most of your IT requirements, becoming more complicated and in need of more attention. While some organisations have the capacity to manage these in-house, many other companies decide to save time and money, and utilise Jasco’s Managed IT Services.

In a nutshell, managed services is when an organisation chooses to outsource some or all their IT needs to a third-party organisation that specialises in ICT.

At Jasco we have over 22 years’ experience in looking after our clients’ environments and infrastructures. By allowing us to become an extension of your IT team, not only are we able to enable greater agility, but we also implement changes to improve efficiency, improve service levels and reduce cost.

Jasco’s Managed IT Services Melbourne team don’t wait for a disaster to occur. We monitor and proactively manage critical IT systems, from the availability of your servers and network, through to any end-user problems that may arise. Ensuring business continuity.

The result is that your IT works the way it was designed to, your costs decrease and we close the gulf between what you want your technology to achieve and what it actually does.

Customers we Provide Managed IT Services For:

What does Jasco's Managed IT Services Involve?

An assigned account manager dedicated to your company as a central point of contact.

Excellent proactive administration, processes and capabilities to ensure peak performance.

Expert management and monitoring of systems infrastructure, applications and endpoints.

Advanced tools for problem identification, resolution and reporting.

Complete staff base located in Australia, we do not outsource work overseas.

Why choose Jasco as your Managed IT Service providers?

Jasco Managed IT Services offers a large range of benefits to clients. Most importantly, Jasco have structured their IT support to ensure our clients can focus on growing their business rather than managing their IT departments. Think of Jasco Consulting as an extension of your existing team – we concentrate on ensuring that all ICT matters are handled by our team of experts so that you can relax knowing that partnering with Jasco means we take your IT personally.

Our goal is to keep your staff productive and efficient with the tools they need to drive your business forward. We continually optimise and protect your IT investment and infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that ensures your staff are running at optimum efficiency while keeping your business downtime to a minimum. A technical lead will be assigned to your organisation and their role will be to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always running at its optimal level, they will also work closely with the Jasco Service Delivery General Manager and your dedicated Account Manager.

To ensure our service quality and customer satisfaction, a monthly report will be delivered to your organisation that provides a summary of all service desk activity. The General Manager of the Jasco Service Delivery team and/or the Account Manager will present the report in-person or via web/teleconference. During this meeting both organisations can collaborate to discuss service performance levels, customer satisfaction and develop plans of action for pressing items.

Why you need Managed IT Services:

Focus on your business goals whilst we ensure efficient IT operations.

cut your ICT costs in half by outsourcing

Proactively detect and resolve new threats.

Predict and resolve issues faster through automation.

Streamline and simplify management of new technologies.

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