Managed IT Services

Accelerate return on technology investments with outsourcing that makes sense.

The difference between Managed Services and traditional ICT support is comparable to the difference between having a doctor monitoring your health and buying a box of bandages. Traditional Break-Fix IT companies work on the assumption that all computers and systems will eventually fail, and when they do, an engineer will be engaged to remediate the issues.

Managed Services providers don’t wait for a disaster to occur to react. We monitor and proactively manages critical IT systems, from the availability of your servers and network, through to any end-user problems that may arise.

The result is that your IT works the way it was designed to, your costs decrease and we close the gulf between what you want your technology to achieve and what it actually does.



Why Jasco’s Managed IT Services?

Jasco’s Managed Services team allow customers to outsource their technology management responsibilities to Jasco’s team of experts. This works as a strategic method to improve their operations, and accelerate a return on technology investments.

By allowing Jasco to be an extension of your IT team, Jasco can ensure optimal operation, provide ongoing remote monitoring and hosting services, and help meet changing requirements while saving on operational expenses.

Technical benefits of collaborating with Jasco’s Managed services team

  • An assigned account manager dedicated to your company as a central point of contact
  • Excellent proactive administration, processes and capabilities to ensure peak performance.
  • Industry leading expert management and monitoring of systems infrastructure, applications and endpoints.
  • Advanced tools for problem identification, resolution and reporting.

Jasco’s Managed Services help companies:

Focus on their strategic priorities while ensuring efficient operations

Easily respond to infrastructure demands by meeting service level agreements (SLAs)

Proactively detect and resolve new threats

Predict and resolve issues faster through automation

Streamline and simplify management of new technologies

Speed new technology adoption within the organisation.

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