Limitless Security

Secure your enterprise against tomorrow’s threats, today with Microsoft’s secure platform.

Extending the boundaries of security

In a cloud-driven, mobile world, there has been a shift in the security landscape which has led to the birth of Zero Trust Security; a framework that throws away the idea of a trusted internal network versus an untrusted external network.

Jasco’s “Thinking Ahead” approach has allowed us to become an early adopter of cloud services, encouraging customers to migrate to the cloud with the assurance of a soft landing. Now that IT security is no longer bound by the physical premises, organisations are realising the limitless potential of adopting a cloud-based approach to security.

Limitless Security. The answer to your security needs.

Our Limitless Security offering is perfect for those with an existing Office 365 tenancy, but have limited security measures.

is this you?

In the fight against cyber attacks and threats, business owners and IT managers must suit up with a robust
defense strategy and a strong level of armour that matches their level of threat.

Believing your environment is secure is not enough – you must stress test it. By assuming you know what the other side is capable of,
or that your defence mechanisms are sound, is a risk that can have disastrous consequences to your business.

The best people to take into battle are the ones who know your opponent. They can help you strategise, develop, and manage your
defences – so that you always have the upper hand, as well as a backup plan.

Microsoft and Jasco Consulting are a formidable duo that have dedicated countless hours to developing the ultimate security offering to
combat any attack that comes your way. 

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pillars of the Secure Cloud Offering

Securing Identities

Jasco will work with you to practically move beyond passwords, giving you the visibility of any sensitive changes whilst securing your privileged identities and simplifying access.

Managing Devices

Regardless of device location, Jasco will give you management, control and visibility of the devices that people use to access your systems and data.

Protecting Office 365

Giving you control of SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive access in the new 'boundary-less' world and providing the core of threat detection, visibility and reporting for Office 365.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protecting you against sophisticated attacks across identity, endpoints, cloud apps and email and documents, using advanced analytics powered by the intelligent security graph.

Zero Trust Principles

Built on Zero Trust principles, we use policies to make sure that the right people are accessing your systems and data. Allowing them to gain the access they need from where they are, on the devices you want.

Continuous Security Improvement

Threats are consistently transforming and finding new ways to attack. In order to combat this, we provide you ways to continuously review, adapt and improve your security posture across identity, devices and apps.

Tier 1:
Security Essentials

Foundations of the zero trust security

Modern Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication and Conditional Access​

Device management and security

Windows Defender, Log Analytics, Endpoint Manager​​

Spam, Phishing, and Malware protection

Exchange Online Protection​

Office 365 Access Control and Reporting

Conditional Access App Enforced Restrictions​

Tier 2:
Security Enhanced

Security essentials + more

​ Behaviour analytics

​ Microsoft Defender for Identity​​

Zero-Day email attack protection

​ Microsoft Defender for Office365​

Endpoint security enhancement, kill chain tracing and automated remediation

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint​

Control risk introduced by Shadow IT

Cloud App Security

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