The integration of new technologies within the manufacturing industry heralds a new age of manufacturing. With the latest tools holding the capabilities to respond to business demands to decrease costs, increase efficiency and increase productivity, Jasco believes that any IT investment will provide accelerated growth and innovation.

Industry Challenges:

Due to the highly competitive environment of the manufacturing industry, there is constant pressure and demand to innovate and optimize operations. Attaining a geographically diverse manufacturing operation need seamless data integration across locations, what many organisations lack. Limited or no real-time visibility of the factory floor also hinders monitoring processes, resulting in organisations failing to perform at their peak.

How Jasco Helps:

Jasco believes that technological innovation is transforming the manufacturing industry with network and IT solutions being a key enabler for critical manufacturing processes. Jasco’s consulting skills, IT expertise and in depth understanding of cloud technologies assists companies to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources.

Our experts can also deliver collaborative and integrated platforms that drive productivity, delivering supply chain resilience and performance.

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