Over the 25 years, health expenditure in Australia has grown at a faster rate than that of the broader economy, with $170 billion spent on health. Aging populations are a large cause for this increase, causing a drain on healthcare budgets as well as creating a demand for additional health services.

Jasco’s experience can assist in reducing costs whilst demonstrating value and accountability, and with our in-depth understanding of the healthcare and needs, we can guide you with the complex relative changes in the technological systems.

Industry challenges:

An outcomes-driven model that focuses on personalized health care is pushing aside the more traditional, fee-for-service healthcare model. Providers are constantly under pressure to ensure transparency, so that patients can make informed decisions about their care. Online services are also being made available to patients to deliver personal health records, personalized care and improve essential post care practices.

Many institutions are yet to utilize the latest technology advancements that focus on the safety of their own employees.


How Jasco Helps:


Key Solutions for Healthcare


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