Connected collaboration platforms through modern technology play a crucial role in any learning environment, whether it be at a primary, secondary or tertiary level. Learners engage with their studies using domains of their choice, whilst interacting with teachers and classmates, inside and outside the learning walls.

Industry challenges:

Outdated technologies and traditional business practices can hinder educational centers from providing a unified working environment, despite demands. With the growth and development of technology, there is a demand for more mobile systems and robust technology that supports distance learning.

As most educational schemes fail to provide high security over their cyber data, challenges arise once there has been any sort of breach. Jasco recommends that such institutions should aim to instill intricate defense strategies to guard any potential cyberthreats that implicate any sensitive information and data.


How Jasco Helps:

Jasco’s cloud capabilities mean that we can deploy affordable, efficient solutions that result in quality education. These tools drive the student success rates to new heights due to the modernized engagement methods.

We have put together the most essential platforms that result in a seamless collaboration that improves efficiency and high productivity within the peers. Jasco are also experts in improving security controls through active security management as well as incident remediation, which is essential for educational organisations.

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