Data Protection Manager

A backup solution from Microsoft that is perfect for any business.

what is data protection manager

System Center Data Protection Manager is a backup solution that Microsoft has designed from the ground up to provide application level backup for Exchange, File, SQL and SharePoint and other VSS aware workloads and hypervisor aware backups for both VMware and Hyper-V.

Data Protection Management involves backup procedures to protect your data against complete system failure or environmental disaster. DPM ensures that backups are performed properly and in a time efficient manner. DPM also involves the process of confirming adequate storage is available for the backups, all in a secure and safe manner.

Protects Valuable Data

DPM offers safeguards for valuable information, which can be critical assets of your organisation. Having appropriate measures ensures data stays within the right hands and stops access from unwanted individuals.

Rapid and Reliable Recovery

Having up to date backups will ensure even if you have a data incident you can promptly have access to all the backups and continue working seamlessly.

Reduces Development Cost

Installing security systems can reduce development and support time which could be utilised for other tasks. Unsecure data may cost your organisation thousands of dollars and time if compromised.

Protection Against Hackers

Data protection can make it difficult for hackers to access your organisations sensitive information. By safeguarding data you can deter criminals of data theft.

What Can Data Protection Manager Be Used For?

Application-aware backup: Application-aware back up of Microsoft workloads, including SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint.

File backup: Back up files, folders and volumes for computers running Windows server and Windows client operating systems.

System backup: Back up system state or run full, bare-metal backups of physical computers running Windows server or Windows client operating systems.

Hyper-V backup: Back up Hyper-V virtual machines (VM) running Windows or Linux. You can back up an entire VM, or run application-aware backups of Microsoft workloads on Hyper-V VMs running Windows.

How Jasco Consulting Can help

Jasco can help ensure you have a safe and secure system that will suit your unique business needs. Jasco’s experts ensure we have the right conversations to ensure your data can be secure in every way possible. By implementing Data Protection Management into your organisation, you can save yourself from complete chaos if a breach or data loss incident was to occur. By proactively backing up data in a safe and secure manner Jasco ensures your organisation will never be left in the dark.

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