Digital transformation is now the core business requirement for successful business.

Digital transformation has become the core of most business requirements, and more now than ever before, it is essential for organizations to ensure practices are up to date, allowing a seamless workflow. During consultation phase, Jasco will work with you to develop an architectural strategy and transformational road map that incorporates the latest and greatest, whilst aligning with your unique business requirements.

This phase is most crucial, as it is the stepping stone to achieving business success.

Features of Jasco’s consultation phase:

Initial audit of current network, cloud and IT systems

An initial Audit will allow our experts to assess and document your current systems and document how they are used internally


Jasco analyses the current platforms up against your corporate objectives to determine how well it is delivering.

Return on investment

Jasco will analyse the productivity of your current systems and provide analysis of productivity under future systems.

Flexibility and scalability

based on unique business development plans and forecast, Jasco will assess whether the current systems can meet future organisational needs.

Risks associated with the current platform

Jasco will identify security threats and vulnerabilities based on current usage, along with screening your disaster recovery.

Management of resources

Jasco will examine how the IT is managed and maintained and if the management is adequate and cost efficient

After an in-depth analysis and assessment of your technology aligned business practises, Jasco will recommend solutions and products that can meet all your organisational expectations and increase your return on your IT investment.

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