Inspire Update to Dynamics 365

Jasco Blog Inspire Dynamics 365 Update July 27, 2021 Hybrid work requires a new way of collaborative thinking and will often surface through new apps and new ways of working. Dynamics 365 is helping to power innovation for every organisation and can help capture ideas whilst in the flow of work. After Inspire, Microsoft has decided to eliminate the extra cost of Dynamics […]

Benefits of Microsoft Lists

Jasco Blog Microsoft Lists Benefits July 20, 2021 Microsoft Lists is an all-encompassing Microsoft Teams app that allows you to track information, organise work and customise information for your team. This app has helped many teams across different industries sort through various activities, and plan head. The lists themselves are simple to create and extremely customisable for your own organisation.  Here are a few benefits to how the Lists […]

Richers Transport: An Azure Journey

Jasco X Richers Transport DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY Overview Jasco Consulting’s relationship with Richers Transport began when they needed assistance with their Telstra CSX environment. We quickly signed them on as a managed services customer and continued to work with them on their environment to provide them with the solutions that were in line with business […]

Maximising Work Management in M365

Jasco Blog Maximising Work management in M365 July 13, 2021 Work environment disruption over the last year with multiple lockdowns, slowly transitioning back to the office and then being sent home… again… has caused challenges to employee workflow.  From being forced to work from home initially, and to now be in a hybrid environment, digital overload has become prevalent, with employees […]

Early July Teams Updates

Jasco Blog Early July 2021 Teams Updates July 6, 2021 Microsoft Teams has undergone plenty of change over the past year, attempting to create an efficient, seamless experience for its users. The collaboration platform is consistently implementing new features and updates to help you become more efficient regardless of your location, or your device. Check out the latest updates and see how they […]

New Teams Whiteboard

Jasco Blog New Microsoft Teams Whiteboard June 22, 2021 Microsoft Teams enables users to collaborate in many ways. When thinking of Teams we often only think about its basic messaging and calling capability, however, Microsoft is consistently adding new apps and features that boost productivity for its users. Whiteboard is an inbuilt feature that is utilised for basic brainstorming sessions; however, Microsoft has decided to give it […]

Boost Collaboration during Hybrid Work with Range

Jasco Blog boosting collaboration with Range for microsoft teams June 16, 2021 Hybrid work has been an essential step towards getting people back into the office, whilst also having the ability to work remotely when needed. Having a mix of in-office work and remote work can be important for work-life balance and productivity.   Microsoft Teams has become a staple application in […]

AMC Consultants: Telstra Calling for Office 365

Jasco X AMC Consultants: a Smarter Way to Connect DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY Challenge A digital pioneer in their industry, AMC Consultants required an equally pioneering way to connect their global team. As a company that deals in collecting, preparing, and exchanging critical information for their customers, they needed a reliable, secure, and flexible way to […]

The Importance of Mental Health in Hybrid Workplaces

Jasco Blog the importance of mental health in Hybrid workplaces June 8, 2021 Over the past few years, we have seen a large shift towards the importance of providing a flexible workplace for staff. Before the pandemic, flexibility had become a true selling point of many organisations, attracting more talent, and retaining more employees.  COVID-19 has forced almost all organisations to allow for some […]

Ozchild Case Study: Secure Remote Work

Jasco X Ozchild: a Strategic Partnership DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY overview Jasco and OzChild partnered over 15 years ago to deliver innovative ICT solutions. After initially only having a managed services agreement, OzChild has since built on the relationship with Jasco deploying multitudes of enhancements to OzChild’s ICT environment. The latest project was migrating OzChild from […]