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Since being founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1998, JASCO has an enviable record of growth, starting from a single product, and growing into one of the nation’s strongest network/cloud and communications technology partners.

our Story

how we started

Thinking Ahead. 20+ years later.

From humble beginnings in Melbourne in 1998, Jasco has since become a Tier-1 Platinum Cloud Telstra Business and Enterprise Specialist partner, as well as one of Australia’s most recognized Microsoft accredited channel partners. We owe our success to staying true to our core values and believing in our hardworking team. At Jasco, we champion the beliefs and cultures of our diverse staff, allowing us to look at problems from different perspectives and find solutions that might not have been considered otherwise. 

We also work to empower women in the often male-dominated technology sector by creating a safe workplace atmosphere that gives anyone the freedom to achieve their goals and thrive. Our core value has always been to innovate through diversity. By supporting differences in culture and utilising strengths to create an optimal working environment, we work with great people to ensure customers get the best results for their Managed IT services

We help clients from all over with their IT solutions, especially in the healthcare industry. Our expertise allows us to monitor and manage your ICT needs so you can grow your business safely and effectively by offering support for Cloud Services, Web Services, and Cyber Security Services.   

Our Vision

we believe diversity is the backbone of innovation

Diversity is woven within the culture at Jasco, and subsequently, has allowed the benefit of having various view points and experiences that allow Jasco to relate to a wider net of customers. Different perspectives give insight into ideas that have not been considered before, which is at the core of digital transformation and growth.

As a culturally diverse company, appreciating everyone’s differences and accepting them is at the core of the business’ values, and this is most certainly reflected amongst staff whom respect these differences. Jasco prides itself in being a progressive company and focuses on fuelling diversity in all means possible.

Jasco believes that being a gender diverse company is more than just hiring an equal number of men and women in the workplace. It is also about respecting the differences in culture and utilizing strengths in order to create an optimal working environment. Jasco also works to empower women and allowing them to work in an atmosphere that gives them the freedom to achieve in an often male dominated technology sector.

At its core, Jasco is its people. Without the people to provide a diverse range of views, inputs and ideas, it would have been challenging to accomplish what we have to date, and nearly impossible to achieve any of our future goals.


Working with great people to enable customers to succeed through technology.


We are experienced, innovative, and always thinking ahead.

meet the team

Management Team



Chief Executive Officer

To remain competitive, businesses need strong leadership, like the leadership provided by Jasco’s Chief Executive Officer, Sue Vander. Sue began her Jasco journey in a part-time finance role, however, as the company evolved, so did her job description. 

Through her commitment to each function, as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions, Sue has improved efficiency within all aspects of Jasco Consulting. 

Sue is continuously works towards making strategic decisions that ensure organisational success and longevity, encouraging evolution and growth for the staff within Jasco, as well as the business.



General Manager - Sales

Over two decades in the telecommunications industry have equipped Cameron with the capacity to successfully orchestrate the sales team at Jasco, keeping them on goal and advancing them in terms of revenue production and skill. 

Cameron’s previous sales management roles, forecasting market situations and market analysis, have given him the confidence to chalk out processes that ensure the sales team are able to meet their customer’s needs, whilst achieving record sales within Jasco Consulting. 



General Manager - Project Delivery

As manager of the projects team, Sarang leads a team of highly skilled experts. While working in a team first manner, Sarang ensures all his staff are well resourced with up to date with the innovative new technologies. 

Sarang is in charge of scheduling all the projects in the pipeline and ensures that our customers are well looked after, and the projects are well represented. With years of knowledge and a solid team around him Sarang is able to lead from the front and create an amazing end user experience for all our clients acting in a professional and friendly manner. 




General Manager - Service Group

As Jasco’s Manager of Service Delivery, Ash leads and guides the team to successfully service Jasco’s customers. Within his team, there has been an achievement of over 50 certifications, encompassing Microsoft wide range of products and solutions. 

With a team of talented service engineers under his belt, Ash has the ability to solve any level of service desk issue that comes his way.  

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