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Since being founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1998, JASCO has an enviable record of growth, starting from a single product, and growing into one of the nation’s strongest network/cloud and communications technology partners.

our Story

how we started

Thinking Ahead. 20+ years later.

As a Tier -1 Platinum cloud Telstra Business and Enterprise Specialist partner, and one of Australia’s most recognized Microsoft accredited channel partners, Jasco works to build, deploy and optimize IT solutions, and move forward with new initiatives that deliver the most business value.

JASCO helps customers’ businesses improve their return on investment by providing first class service, whilst implementing systems that complement and enhance their proven business models. JASCO’S expertise in Data & IP, Telstra cloud services, Apps Marketplace, Telstra Business systems, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure allows the team to deliver top of the line innovative IT solutions catered to each client and their requirements.

Our Vision

we believe diversity is the backbone of innovation

Diversity is woven within the culture at Jasco, and subsequently, has allowed the benefit of having various view points and experiences that allow Jasco to relate to a wider net of customers. Different perspectives give insight into ideas that have not been considered before, which is at the core of digital transformation and growth.

As a culturally diverse company, appreciating everyone’s differences and accepting them is at the core of the business’ values, and this is most certainly reflected amongst staff whom respect these differences. Jasco prides itself in being a progressive company and focuses on fuelling diversity in all means possible.

Jasco believes that being a gender diverse company is more than just hiring an equal number of men and women in the workplace. It is also about respecting the differences in culture and utilizing strengths in order to create an optimal working environment. Jasco also works to empower women and allowing them to work in an atmosphere that gives them the freedom to achieve in an often male dominated technology sector.

At its core, Jasco is its people. Without the people to provide a diverse range of views, inputs and ideas, it would have been challenging to accomplish what we have to date, and nearly impossible to achieve any of our future goals.


Working with great people to enable customers to succeed through technology.


We are experienced, innovative, and always thinking ahead.

meet the team

Management Team

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Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Jason McClintock had an undeniable passion for the technology industry and its ability to change the way we do things. After completing year 12, Jason enrolled into, and dropped out of, the same Physics degree twice. Despite the lectures from his mother, he refused to go back. Landing a job in IT 4 days later, Jason was quick to discover some gaps in service and skills in the infrastructure, communication and network industry. His entrepreneurial mindset kicked in, and he began the journey to starting his own company in 1998, Jasco Consulting. What started out as a small company, offering a single product, grew to become one of Australia’s most recognized Telstra accredited channel partners and multi award winning Microsoft partner. By building, deploying and optimizing IT solutions, whilst moving forward with new initiatives that deliver the most business value, JASCO is now a Tier -1 Platinum cloud Telstra Business and Enterprise Specialist partner. As one of the nation’s strongest network/cloud and communications technology, Jason and the team at JASCO help customers’ businesses improve their return on investment by providing top of the line service whilst implementing systems that complement and enhance their proven business models.

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Executive Officer

To remain competitive, businesses need strong financial leadership, like the leadership provided by Jasco’s Chief Financial Officer, Sue Vander. Sue began her Jasco journey in a part-time finance role, however, as Jasco evolved, so did her job description. Through her commitment to each function, as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions, Sue has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of all support services at Jasco. Almost a decade at Jasco has exposed Sue to many situations that have increased her skill set and capabilities, improving operational systems at Jasco that are designed to preserve company assets. Sue provides strategic direction and oversight of front-end revenue cycle work processes and outcomes, she also uses that direction on the tennis court, and is a proud member of a team at her local tennis club.

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of Sales

Over 2 Decades in the telecommunications industry have equipped Cameron with the capacity to successfully orchestrate the sales team at Jasco, keeping them on goal and advancing in terms of revenue production and skill. Cameron’s previous sales and sales management roles, forecasting market situations and market analysis, have given him the confidence to chalk out programmes tailored to customers’ needs, and consequently, accomplishing organisational objectives. Cameron comes from sporting background, and playing football in his youth has guided him understand the importance of team work and the tremendous results that occur when in unity. He enforces that attitude onto the sales team, motivating them to achieve record sales results at Jasco. An avid lover of food and surfing, Cameron thoroughly enjoys meeting and engaging in conversation with new people, making him relatable to a wide range of customers and an excellent communicator.

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enterprise architect

With decades of experience in planning, developing, and implementing state of the art information solutions, Gavin has a wide breadth of IT knowledge that covers many different technologies. It is for that reason that Gavin has the unique capability to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for Jasco customers. Gavin’s high-quality communication skills allow him to interface at all levels for the completion of projects and his experience within Jasco has allowed him to consistently envision the needs of customers and adapt to their requirements. He extracts material from customers and implements them into the unified communication stack. His love for ICT solutions cannot be compared to his love for tequila, and is looking forward to retiring so he can run to Central Mexico and grow agave. As the Senior Enterprise Architect at Jasco, Gavin leads cross-functional teams with diverse technical backgrounds and aims to continue providing the best quality service to all Jasco customers. His advice to anyone entering the industry? “Always be prepared to learn and evolve.”

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Manager of
Services group

Ash began his transition to Australia 4 years ago, and instantly landed a role at Jasco Consulting after years of experience at IBM in Denmark. His ‘never give up’ mindset and determination to his work is what allowed him to gradually becomes Jasco’s Service Team Manager. Coming from a background of nanotechnology, Ash always new he’d be working in the IT industry, and wouldn’t have it any other way. With a team of talented service engineers under his belt, Ash considers himself extremely fortunate to be at Jasco, leading his own team of staff. As the happiest Jasco staff member, Ash is always smiling, but not when he thinks about Danish food. Missing Danish food incredibly, he struggles to find stores in South East Melbourne that stock his favorite breakfast food, brits. So if you know where does, shoot him a message on linked in.

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