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Jasco Team Attends Microsoft AI Partner Innovate Event

The Microsoft AI Partner Innovate event in Melbourne marked a significant milestone as the first major in-person event from Microsoft for those keen to delve deeper into artificial intelligence. A team from Jasco was present to keep abreast of all things AI being showcased through Microsoft and their distribution partners.

Setting the Stage with Harish Vellat

The event began with insights from Harish Vellat, Director of Small, Medium & Corporate Business, ANZ, who outlined the evolution of technology from PCs to the internet, mobile, cloud, and now AI. He emphasised that just as we couldn’t have envisioned the journey from the first PC to our current technological landscape, the future from “day 1” of AI usage holds untold possibilities.

Insights from Sarah Bowden on AI Adoption

Following Vellat, Sarah Bowden, Channel Sales at Global Partner Solutions, took the stage to discuss the unprecedented rapid adoption of AI, now boasting 100 million users. She explored metrics that highlight the significant benefits of integrating AI into business processes.

Focus on Microsoft Copilot

Throughout the event, numerous speakers from Microsoft and their partners shared their experiences and insights, particularly focusing on Microsoft Copilot. They discussed the crucial differences between being AI-ready and AI-optimised, a key distinction for businesses aiming to effectively leverage AI, and detailed how partners can aid their customers in adopting AI.

Emphasising Data Practices and Security

The discussions also covered the Microsoft 365 Copilot journey, stressing the importance of sound data practices and security. Key topics included an understanding of data handling, access controls, and Microsoft’s efforts to ensure the security of Microsoft 365 data—vital for planning AI adoption.

Conclusion: The Impact of AI on the Future

As AI continues to shape our future, events like the Microsoft AI Partner Innovate serve as essential touchpoints for learning, networking, and staying connected. These gatherings are crucial in helping us provide the necessary guidance and solutions for our customers eager to implement AI in their business strategies.

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