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Poly Voyager Surround

We’ve all had calls where you can barely hear the person over the background noise at their end, or been unable to hear someone, because you’ve got a colleague beside you having a loud conversation…

While the “cone of silence” might seem like a good idea at times, those of us old enough (quiet you!) will remember that it never seemed to work quite as intended for Maxwell Smart. Soo, how do you combat the noise problem? Pretty much every headset manufacturer has released a “noise cancelling” headset – some of them good, some not soo good, others just plain terrible.

To combat this, and to make sure that Teams users were getting a “best in class” experience, Microsoft created the Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification program. The aim is to go beyond assessing headsets as being “Teams Compatible” and confirm that the headset provides a premium experience in a noisy Open Plan office. (Download Teams Compatible Full Specifications)

The clever people at Poly have released the successor to their flag ship Voyager 8200 headset – the all-new Voyager Surround 80 and the Surround 85 (for those of use that want a charging stand). Both of which have achieved not just Teams Certification, but also the Microsoft Teams Open Office certification.

Now, if you’re anything like our CEO, you’ll be somewhat horrified at the idea of your staff popping on a headset and blissfully ignoring the world around them, whilst working on a complex issue – and they certainly CAN do that, but the whole point of Adaptive Noise Cancellation, is to block out background noise, but still allowing the random bellow of “Drew! How do I …?” or “Drew, are you coming to this meeting” or “Drew, my printer isn’t working” to make it through and be heard. 

Poly Voyager Surround Headsets

Poly Voyager Surround 80

This is the new flagship Teams Open Office Certified headset with Adaptive Noise Cancellation. It comes with some pretty impressive features:

  • Adaptive ANC and over-the-ear design
  • 6 microphones for clear audio
  • 4 additional microphones for ANC
  • Up to 21 hours of talk time
  • Up to 24 hours of listening time
  • Intuitive touch controls for calls and music
  • USB-C with USB-A adapter included.
  • SoundGuard digital anti-startle protection
  • Centrally manageable with Poly Lens

Poly Voyager Surround 80

All the features of the Surround 80, but with a wireless headset charging stand. The charging stand will fully charge in 4 hours 40 minutes (half that for wired charging) and will fast charge in 15 minutes to give approximately 10 hours talk time – great for when you forget to put it on charge.

But best of all, this makes a perfect gift for the geek in the corner just trying to get some peace and quiet so they can concentrate!


Perhaps not for everyone, but there are certainly use cases for this and for other styles of headset. If you’d like more information on the headsets available, and to discuss what works best for your staff, feel free to reach out to your Jasco Account Manager.

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