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Microsoft Ignite Insights - Danny’s Adventure

Reflecting on this year’s Microsoft Ignite, held in the vibrant city of Seattle, I had the privilege of being among the 4,500 in-person attendees, joining a global audience of 175,000 participants. The event was a melting pot of innovation, with over 100 groundbreaking announcements that captured our collective imagination.

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Summarising the Event

The spotlight of Ignite 2023 was undeniably on Microsoft Copilot, a testament to the evolving synergy between data and AI. This year’s keynote by Satya Nadella was a revelation, introducing the expansive Copilot stack that seamlessly integrates across the Microsoft cloud. The array of Copilots, including the Microsoft Copilot, Security Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilots, underscored Microsoft’s commitment to this transformative technology.

Beyond the Copilots, Ignite shone a light on significant strides in security. The integration of Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDR incident queues with Copilot marked a leap forward in unified security management. The demonstrations of automated attack disruption techniques, particularly against Business Email Compromise, Adversary in the Middle Attacks, and Ransomware, were a showcase of AI’s potential in tilting the security balance in favour of customers.

Microsoft Intune’s evolution was another highlight, signalling a shift towards enhanced management capabilities and efficiency. The improvements spanned from better enrollment experiences to Realtime device query, Enterprise App Management, and advanced macOS management. The introduction of Cloud PKI epitomised the ethos that “the future is cloud-native,” reflecting Microsoft’s vision for a cloud-centric world.

Windows Server also received its share of the spotlight, with exciting updates announced for Windows Server v.Next. Two features that stood out were SMB over QUIC, enabling file share access over the Internet, and the innovative Hotpatching for Windows and SQL server, which allows for patch application without reboots, ensuring uninterrupted server operations.

Ignite 2023 was more than just a showcase of technological advancements; it was a clear statement of intent. Each innovation, each announcement, was geared towards enhancing the experiences of customers using these technologies. As I reflect on the wealth of knowledge and insights gained, I am eager to explore how these advancements can be leveraged to elevate our customers’ capabilities, efficiency, and security in the times ahead.

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