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Cyber Security when Working from Home

It doesn’t matter where your employees are working from, cybersecurity matters now more than ever. With remote work likely to stick around, remote work cyber security should be prioritised to reduce risks. Workers still need to be protected and potential security gaps should be considered as we adapt to today’s dynamic, digital workforce.

Instead of expanding your IT department to accommodate these changes, Jasco can manage all of this for your company. We can ensure optimal operation and provide ongoing remote monitoring and support to safeguard your workforce and your business.

Here, we’ll go through some of the services we offer and the cyber security risks remote working brings. And, we’ll explain the importance of having support for a remote workforce to get the job done as safely as possible. It’s time to actively rethink the approach to remote work cyber security, and embrace up-to-date solutions through IT management.

Remote work cyber security

What are Cyber Security Services?  

To protect your company and your remote employees against data breaches and other cyber security breaches, using a cyber security service is not just wise but crucial. Cyber security services help to put the overall processes and policies in place to achieve security and protection from cyber threats.

By understanding the threats and greater vulnerabilities remote working can cause, you’ll see why services such as Jasco’s Managed IT Services can step up your security and maintain it. Partnering with such services provides expert IT support and technology to reduce risk, and they detect and respond to threats, saving you time.  

What are the Key Cyber Security Risks of Working Remotely?

Today’s workforce allows for a lot of convenient work location options. Unfortunately, this may be increasing the risks related to your company’s data and network. So, what are the key cyber security risks of working remotely? Antivirus and Security Software. Over the past couple of years threats such as viruses, malware, phishing, and ransomware have been on the rise.

Some of the more common cyber security risks that remote working attracts include:  

  • Phishing emails. Over the past couple of years, email scams have been on the rise. Phishing attacks are often carried out by exploiting people’s emotions to gain sensitive data. For example, an employee may receive an email that looks familiar and trustworthy, but it’s actually a scammer masked as a colleague, asking for login details to a reset password. While caution and common sense go a long way, some of these phishing emails are incredibly sophisticated, making it easy to fool employees. With cyber security education and advanced security solutions, remote workers and your company can avoid phishing emails and reduce the risks posed by these emails.

  • Weak passwords. Despite having security measures such as VPNs, firewalls, and policies, a weak password is a weak password, and it can be one of the biggest risks. Not only educating your workforce on how to create a strong password, but adding additional protection such as Multi-Factor authentication, can be a great way to safeguard personal and company data.

  • Unencrypted file sharing. Without Without providing secure encryption for your employees to share files, communicate through chat or videoconferencing, they may seek alternative solutions to share and access documents. This becomes a huge risk, as sensitive information can be stolen. Make sure you’re providing all the programs needed for employees to do their job safely so that they don’t search outside the scope of approved tools.

  • Unsecured home devices and open home Wi-Fi networks. When an employee is working from home, they’re often using a personal device and they’re connected to their home Wi-Fi. Both of these leave the network and the device’s data open to vulnerabilities. A VPN can dramactically increase the protection of sensitive data from mingling with other network traffic. And, with better cyber security education, remote workers will understand how crucial it is to keep their home Wi-Fi router updated, and their passwords changed often. Out-of-date routers can have security gaps that hackers can exploit, leading to personal and corporate data breaches.

Why Cyber Security Services Are Important and can help you work from home safer

Why should you safeguard workers with the use of cyber security services? Put simply, it keeps the ball rolling safely. This is achieved with certain tools to keep the business driving forward, especially when workers are working from anywhere and everywhere. With continual optimisation and protection of your IT infrastructure, problems and speed bumps are smoothed out and resolved quickly.

Benefits Of Cyber Security Services?

Jasco’s Managed It Services provides you with an assigned account manager as your company’s central point of contact. Expert management of systems and excellent administration ensure peak performance, and problems are identified and resolved with advanced tools. This leads to multiple advantages and benefits, including:

  • Robust protection against internal and external threats. Ongoing monitoring provides the protection your company needs against the many cyber threats out there. And with humans being the weak point and easiest access point for hackers, protection against negligence is also upped through cyber security services and training.


  • Improved productivity. Like tech issues, having viruses or other cyber attacks will slow down productivity, and perhaps even cause shut down. This can all be avoided with the use of expert cyber security services.


  • Cost savings. Because of the slowdown in productivity caused by such attacks that make it difficult to get work done, cyber attacks can cost businesses a whole lot. Smooth processes fostered by cyber security services are good for productivity, which in turn is good for revenue.


  • Employee trust. In this digital age of remote work setups, having cyber security  for your business leads to employee trust as they can work with the peace of mind that they’re at less risk of a potential cyber-attack.

Brand trust. Customers need to be able to trust your company and implementing strong cyber security solutions is an efficient path to achieve this. When it’s time to expand, your business with its squeaky clean reputation will be more attractive to investors and larger organisations.

Key Takeaways:

Remote working probably isn’t going anywhere. Utilising Jasco’s Managed IT Services leads to optimal operation provided by ongoing remote monitoring and support to help your company meet the changes to today’s workforce.

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