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What Are the Benefits of Cyber Security Services?

Cyber security has never been more important. Whether your system relies on cloud services, on-premises environments or a mix of both, it’s vital to understand the threats posed by malicious attackers, and how best to avoid security breaches. We at Jasco know that not every business is equipped to provide in-house cyber security protection to the level required to fend off all threats. That’s why our managed IT services include cyber security performed by our team of experienced experts who are focused on one thing: keeping your business secure.

In this guide, we’ll define the role and scope of cyber security services, drill down which businesses can utilise them best, and leave you with an understanding of why you need the cyber security services that Jasco can provide.

Benefits of Cyber Security Jasco

What are Cyber Security Services?

Before we can understand cyber security services, it’s worth defining cyber security itself: Cyber security is a multifaceted concept that refers to the protection of a wide range of business styles, systems, and devices. This can include:

  • Systems such as entire networks (both local and cloud-based)
  • Devices like servers, computers and mobile technology
  • Software such as applications
  • Data storage
  • The ways in which people understand their own security obligations (including training and best-practice IT use)


Cyber security attacks themselves are as broad in scope as the systems businesses use, and include (but are not limited to):

  • Malware (malicious software)
  • Phishing (the use of fraudulent emails to extract private information like passwords)
  • Denial-of-service (removing a user’s access to a device or system)
  • SQL injection (inserting malicious code into a system or application)
  • Ransomware

As you can see, cyber security can be a deep and wide undertaking, and businesses of every size will have their own specific requirements. In this sense, cyber security services are those provided to protect a business, either internally or by a managed IT service like Jasco. Cyber security services use trained and experienced professionals to understand the potential for these threats to occur, and put in place steps to prevent them. 

Who Are Cyber Security Services Right For?

The short answer to this is: everybody. Modern businesses are heavily reliant on technology, and the chances that a business is completely untethered is slim. If your business uses digital technology, there is always an inherent risk (no matter how small) of a security breach. With private data and finances always in the sights of malicious attackers, cyber security services are important for every business.

The real consideration to make is this: can your business manage cyber security protection internally, or does it need to seek the expertise of an external provider? While there are no hard and fast rules, some businesses that might need external cyber security services include:

  • Startups and other new businesses with limited space or financial resources to employ an IT team
  • Rapidly scaling businesses, such as those whose growth outpaces their ability to manage and maintain efficient security
  • Businesses with small-scale security needs that don’t require full-time, in-house support
  • Decentralised businesses, such as those working mostly or entirely remotely
  • Any business that values the experience and long term success of established providers like Jasco

Why Cyber Security Services Are Important

Ultimately, cyber security is about protecting not just businesses, but everyone who works for them. With such a broad scope for nefarious activity, the losses can stretch to individuals or whole businesses, and can include financial and personal information. With such uncertainty in the digital world, cyber security services work to create a barrier of protection across the entire business, no matter the size or sector.

Consider the case study of OzChild: A 170 year old business and an established Jasco customer, OzChild found itself in a position shared by many businesses during the pandemic – needing to shift to a remote working model. To transition a business from on-premises to remote work requires a dedicated understanding of infrastructure. This is not only from an operational point of view (i.e. setting up employees to work off-site), but such changes mean the potential for gaps in a business’s security protection. Jasco worked with OzChild to establish multi-factor authentication in addition to an on-going migration to Microsoft Azure.

This case study illustrates the benefits that a trusted cyber security service can provide in recognising potential threats and facilitating effective change. Leaning on expertise means the ability to recognise the potential for malicious actors to exploit security, and the ability to respond accordingly.

Consider the range of benefits of Jasco’s cyber security services, as detailed in our full range of case studies.

Benefits Of Cyber Security Services

Each business will have their own reasons to engage cyber security services, but there are some broad benefits, including:

  • Protection against unauthorised data access
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Prevention of financial theft and loss
  • Resistance to malware and other cyber attacks
  • Increasing customer confidence in the business
  • Ability to scale with growth and respond to change
  • Value for money as a service (versus in-house IT)

When it comes to choosing a cyber security service, it’s important to understand the potential benefits, and weigh these against your desired outcomes. What do you need, security-wise, and why is it important? Consider your priorities, and engage a cyber security service accordingly.

Key Takeaways:

Cyber security is not a concern for any one type of business – it is a concern for all. Whatever your business model, industry, size, or goals, there is always a risk of a security breach. Understanding and acknowledging these risks is the first step on the journey to achieving true security.

When you engage a cyber security service, you’re entrusting your business’ security to experts. Much like the security guards standing watch outside a bank, cyber security is a field which requires specific training and a deep understanding of the potential threats. As discussed, these threats come in a range of forms, from simple phishing scams to complex and targeted cyber attacks like DDoS and SQL injection. While many businesses opt to bring security in-house, engaging the services of a dedicated and experienced external provider is always the smart choice.

To learn more about how Jasco’s managed IT and cyber security services can benefit your business, get in touch with our team today.

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