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What is Managed IT Services?

June 15, 2022

Ever wondered how your business could save valuable time and money? Well, we’re about to tell you exactly how managed IT services can help transform your business for the better. 

In order for your organisation to operate effectively, it needs to adapt quickly to changing requirements and innovations in technology. A thorough understanding of up-to-date processes will not only save you time and money, but will ensure the ongoing success of your business. 

Managed IT services can be used to productively manage critical systems and provide ongoing, much-needed support for businesses. Choosing to outsource some or all of your IT needs has been found to be particularly useful for small to medium businesses that are experiencing rapid growth. 

We’ll discuss the benefits that managed IT services can bring to your business, how these services are interpreted differently, and the specific industries in which they play an important role. 


Managed IT, what is it

Managed IT services allow organisations the option of outsourcing some or all of their business IT requirements to a third-party organisation that specialises in information and communications technology (ICT). 

This means that businesses can have their critical IT systems managed and improved productively while extending the function and reach of their IT department. 

Managed IT services help to ensure business continuity and offer the ability to extend the knowledge and capacity of your IT team for an effective price. 

IT service management can reduce the number of directly employed staff, and save your business much-needed time and money.

Benefits of Managed IT 

Managed IT services provide your business with up-to-date knowledge of IT technologies, processes, and systems, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your staff and overall profitability.

Improved access to efficient resources also means your business will function effectively with fewer staff.

Managed IT services can be particularly useful for small to medium businesses (SMBs), who struggle to find the time and internal resources to effectively complete routine IT tasks in-house.  

Outsourcing services can improve efficiency by providing your business with optimal operations and ongoing remote monitoring and hosting services, which can proactively prevent disasters from occurring.

This gives your staff the ability and time to focus on more extensive, complex projects, and saves them time worrying about time-consuming routine activities such as the management of networks, passwords, and cybersecurity services.

How are Managed IT services interpreted differently?

When your business employs managed IT services, they are choosing to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with an experienced services provider. 

A managed services provider is able to effectively integrate into your existing IT team and provide them with advice, consultations, and other support along the way. 

The expertise of managed service providers will expand the knowledge of your current IT department. This often means that over time, developing a relationship with your managed services provider will allow your current IT team to grow and work more efficiently. A managed services provider will be able to provide your team with the exact tools they need to predict and resolve issues.

In what industries does IT Management play a major role?

While IT management services are beneficial to any business, they play a major role in supporting healthcare, finance, and education businesses.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are effectively able to direct organisations with a guide to the suitable framework and regulations they specifically need to follow in order to function. 

MSPs have a thorough understanding of the standards required within various industries, such as PCI compliance. This is particularly important within the healthcare, finance, and education industries (which are required to follow this specific regulatory compliance on a daily basis within their IT departments). The reason for this is that regulatory PCI compliance within the IT portion of businesses functioning within these industries is mandatory. 

The most significant issue facing companies today is the overall security of their networks and information. Therefore, the very nature of these major industries requires frequent reliance on the expertise of managed service providers.


Do Business Technology and IT Management overlap?

Business technology is a term used to describe all the information technology or applications that can be used to help run a business. This technology can be made up of all the processes that are required for a business to function. 
Business technology and IT management services overlap because, in order for an organisation to run as effectively as possible, it needs to have a substantial and well-defined IT management system in place that utilises up-to-date applications.
In order for an organisation to take full advantage of the business technology that is currently available to them, they need to find ways to manage this ever-changing technology as efficiently as possible. 
IT management services are able to make the most of whatever business technology is needed within any particular organisation to get it to run more effectively. 

What is the difference between Business technology and IT Management?

As mentioned, business technology refers to information technology or applications that are deployed internally to help run a business. This may relate specifically to the software your business chooses to purchase, or to networking and computer systems. 
Business technology and IT managed services differ in that one is related specifically to technological applications and processes available to make a business function, while the other refers to the outsourcing of the management of those applications.
While many businesses have access to a significant amount of technological applications and software, they often have no real set processes in place to deploy the technology effectively. This is usually due to the organisation having a lack of IT staff or staff who are weighed down by the management of other more routine IT processes.

How you can transform your Business with Managed IT Services 

Today, every business needs to be in touch with the fast pace of the ever-evolving technological marketplace in order to stay ahead of competitors. Managed IT services allow your business to continually modernise itself and improve the overall efficiency of its current staff and resources.
Growing businesses require support when it comes to staying current with IT requirements and evolving technology. Outsourcing can in fact allow your business to cut its ICT costs in half. This is because your staff will be provided with access to new technologies and management systems, which are current, effective, and easy to use. 
Employing the help of managed IT services will therefore allow your business to have the ability to proactively detect and resolve new issues faster. In turn, this will give your business the opportunity to focus on more specific, long-term goals that will serve to increase overall profitability.

OzChild – A Strategic Partnership 

Over 15 years ago, Jasco and OzChild (an independent organisation that supports children and families throughout Australia) partnered. Jasco, a managed IT services provider, has worked hard to ensure that the organisation has always remained three steps ahead. Jasco successfully deployed a multitude of effective enhancements to improve OzChild’s ICT environment. 
This included a recent migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Due to the implementation of enhanced security systems by Jasco, Ozchild staff were able to fluidly transition to remote work during the pandemic. 
Jasco later added another layer of security (Multi-Factor Authentication) to assist all OzChild staff working from home. These enhanced security measures now mean that staff are equipped with all the necessary tools to securely work from home or in the office.
Jasco is currently in the middle of migrating OzChild’s cloud infrastructure from Telstra CSX to Microsoft Azure to ensure OzChild’s ICT environment is modern, innovative, and secure.

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