Jasco & MedHealth: A remote work Journey


Over the last 8 years, Jasco Consulting have taken MedHealth on an extensive ICT transformation journey. At the beginning of their relationship, they were a 150-seat organisation, and have undergone rapid growth to nearly 3,300 health and employment professionals, who work on getting the best health outcomes for their customers. 

Whilst the company was growing, MedHealth also acquired many other smaller organisations to build their brand, and as a result of this growth, there was a large amount of work necessary to unify their ICT environment. Jasco worked with MedHealth to consolidate IT platforms and migrate data and systems across to Microsoft products and services. 


With Microsoft Teams for calling and meetings, alongside enhanced security features, Jasco and MedHealth have worked together to provide a modern, innovative ICT environment for MedHealth.

About MedHealth

They are a purpose-built collection of industry-leading health, medical and employment brands. Their unique and diverse capabilities come together to get the best possible health and employment outcomes.

They support whole populations to better outcomes, yet never lose sight of the individual they are working with to build a better life through work and health.

Industry: Healthcare

Company size: 3,300

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Increased security measures by adding an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication

Remote Working through Windows Virtual Desktop

Moving from on-premise infrasturcture to Microsoft Azure cloud


To increase their collaboration potential across multiple organisations, Jasco encouraged the deployment of Microsoft Teams. This was a perfect fit with the world’s current environment, as remote work was quickly becoming the new way of work. Microsoft Teams platform enabled MedHealth to have meetings company-wide and share content across different departments with ease, regardless of their location, securely and efficiently. Integrating Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Teams calling with Direct Routing as the intelligent collaboration platform of choice provided MedHealth with a state of the art and easily scalable approach to telephony. Utilising cloud calling within Teams meant that MedHealth now acquired an all-in-one platform which enhanced their productivity and ensured efficient workflow for the business. Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing meant the following for MedHealth:

  • A single advanced collaboration and unified communication system 
  • Reduced the current unified communication operational complexity 
  • Maintained high availability and redundancy for inbound and outbound calls 
  • Leveraged the existing investment into Session Border Controller’s (SBC’s) 


In conjunction with Microsoft Teams, MedHealth was in search of a Unified Call Recording (UCR) solution that ensures all calls are being recorded for quality and coaching purposes. Jasco’s partnership with the world’s leading provider of cloud-based call recording and voice AI, Dubber, meant that Jasco could propose an efficient UCR solution to meet their needs. Dubber is a cloud-based call recording is native to Microsoft Teams and does not require any on-premises hardware or software. 


In addition to Microsoft Teams, security has always been a major focus for MedHealth due to the nature of their organisation and their requirements for data collection. After various road mapping sessions with MedHealth, Jasco worked together to continually evolve their systems to ensure state-of-the-art security measures were in place for their sensitive data. MedHealth overtook the massive task of migrating their information to the cloud with a Microsoft Azure solution. Microsoft Azure allowed for extremely high security, protecting their data in a more secure way that would also allow for easier access. In addition to cloud security, they also invested in Palo Alto firewalls and programs like AppLocker to add layers to their security profile. 


Over the last 8 years with Jasco’s expert advice, MedHealth have saved in running costs which has further helped them to continue growing their brands. Through cloud and security upgrades, Jasco has provided MedHealth with the vehicles to adapt and innovate their IT to make it a strength within their industry. Jasco continues to work with MedHealth to constantly evolve their ICT environment to ensure our partnership continues through MedHealth’s rapid growth and industry success.

Supporting Statements

Jasco Consulting have been able to help us transform our ICT systems and facilitate the growth of our business through innovative systems and processes. As our business grew we required large amounts of data migration to ensure our services were aligned and cohesive. Jasco helped our organisation work seamlessly through effective technological solutions with the added benefit of their security expertise future proofing our organisation.”

Mark Dal Pozzo, General Manager Business Technology

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