Jasco & StirlingFildes: A remote work Journey


Australian owned, Pharmacy & Healthcare Supplier company, StirlingFildes experienced an increase in demand, in light of COVID-19 and the growth in the healthcare industry. To handle this growth, they recognised the need to invest in modern, innovative technology to future-proof their organisation and core systems. Reaching out to the experts at Jasco, they expressed their concerns with the current ICT environment as the organisation was still utilising on-premises server infrastructure and storage, without a strong remote working system in place.

Jasco’s in-depth experience in cloud services allowed them to completely understand StirlingFildes environment, proposing a cloud-first approach, intending to remove any need for on-premises infrastructure which in turn would increase the performance and efficiency of StirlingFildes key business applications. Technologies that ensured enhanced security measures were also encouraged by Jasco, allowing staff to be able to access data securely, and safely, regardless of their physical location.

With various mixed solutions and technologies, Jasco ensured the process and transition were seamless for all stakeholders within StirlingFildes. There were multiple steps in the overall transition but working together, Jasco made sure that transition was seamless.

About StirlingFildes

StirlingFildes is wholly Australian-owned; formed in 2003 when Fildes Pty Ltd and Stirling Agencies Pty Ltd merged. For over 80 years we have supplied Australian pharmacies, healthcare providers and veterinary clinics with a diverse range of labels, packaging and consumable products.


At StirlingFildes our priority is and has always been our customers. Our commitment to our customers is our success – and that’s why they keep coming back; they understand the value of working with a partner that is just as committed to their business as ours.

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Company size: 55

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Increased security measures by adding an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication

Remote Working through Windows Virtual Desktop

Moving from on-premise infrasturcture to Microsoft Azure cloud


To deliver a solution that would best fit StirlingFildes, Jasco did an in-depth analysis of their environment in order to understand their requirements. Once doing so, Jasco was able to remove the need for all on-premises equipment by utilising IaaS, and rebuilt the Domain controller, File/Print, and Application Servers into Microsoft Azure. Jasco implemented a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription, focusing on extending user identity to the cloud, moving email to Exchange Online, employing device management, security, and governance to corporate devices regardless of whether they are in the office or remote.

The pandemic also meant that StirlingFildes required an innovative tool to ensure that staff could continue working productively whilst remote, with no disruption. Jasco believed that to best facilitate remote work conditions, deploying resources in Azure cloud and Windows Virtual Desktop would allow StirlingFildes to break away from the traditional office location. This allowed staff to work from anywhere with access to all the resources they needed to complete their daily tasks and work on business objectives.


With the rise of cyber-attacks during the pandemic, securing their environment was also an integral element of enabling remote working facilities. Jasco implemented Microsoft’s Multi Factor Authentication, enabling multiple devices in order to confirm access, in conjunction with Conditional Access policies to confirm that the only specific StirlingFildes staff were accessing their private and personal data. Azure Backup was also included to create point-in-time backups to roll back servers and files should there be corruption or data loss.

By utilising Microsoft 365 and Azure services StirlingFildes would increase their security and reliability. Jasco was able to implement a zero-downtime process, meaning that StirlingFildes was not disrupted and could provide essential pharmaceutical products to their customers.



Jasco Consulting completely transformed StirlingFildes’ environment, taking them on a cloud journey, and

equipping them with a robust, innovative ICT environment that was safe and secure, allowing staff and stakeholders to continue working in any condition.


All these changes and updates combined, ensured continuous reliability and availability for StirlingFildes.


-Removed the single point of failure of on-premises infrastructure at the Head Office location

-Moved key business systems off the single node server to a highly redundant, secure, cloud-based infrastructure

-Improved operational efficiencies and performance of systems and platforms

-Facilitated a secure and simple remote work strategy

-Incorporated fast and reliable backup, disaster recovery, and business resumption systems and processes

Supporting Statements

“After a thorough process Jasco emerged as the clear choice for StirlingFildes to partner with. I have been impressed with their professional approach from our first meeting and they have delivered a modern solution that will allow great flexibility and security into the future.


The Jasco team have delivered a high level of service throughout the whole process and continue to be an excellent partner for StirlingFildes.”

Paul Gough, General Manager


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