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New microsoft teams store

February 22, 2022

Microsoft Teams builds a connection between people, helps define processes and enhances workflows. The platform itself is extremely powerful and helps everyone achieve their common goals while working in any format. However, organisations from around the world are developing game-changing apps to further improve the platform. Microsoft Teams’ ability to incorporate 3rd party applications means that organisations can tailor their experience even more so. As an example, a graphic design company may download and utilize mind mapping applications like Mondomo or Mural to improve the usability of Teams and collaborate on group projects without having to switch applications. With thousands of apps to suit any organisation, Microsoft Teams is powering the hybrid workforce. Their most recent update of the app store has made it even easier to find what you need to save you time and energy.


New Landing Page

The Teams store has had a revamp to make it easier to find apps on the home screen that are relevant to you. A new carousel feature ensures the latest and greatest apps are highlighted and may spark your interest to try for your organisation.

Apps are also utilising AI technology to recommend apps based on what your colleagues and peers are using. This will further enhance collaboration potential as you can utilize the same apps to make your work more effective and efficient.

New Categories and Industries

There are now over 1000 apps to download, to sieve through the apps there is now a more intelligent sorting process with the addition of new categories and industries to further define your search. You will be able to sort by industry and popular apps utilized by companies in a similar industry will show and the same goes for categories such as productivity, communication, and even social.


Adding third-party apps to your Microsoft Teams experience can improve the overall experience and ensure your employees are being as efficient and effective as possible during work. Take some time for yourself to check out the new app store and see if any apps could improve your work balance.


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