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January 2021 Teams Updates

January 18, 2022

We are entering another year utilising Microsoft Teams for some or all of our meetings and collaboration. Hybrid work seems to be the most prominent workstyle, especially in Australia with covid still having a significant impact on businesses. The platform is consistently changing to make the user experience easier and more inclusive. Read below how the updates can help make your meetings more involved and beneficial. 

Order of Hands Raised 

You are now able to see who raised their hands first and in an ordered fashion when dealing with larger meetings. The participants’ pane will now include a detailed list of anyone who puts their hand up and will order them based on who was first to ensure everyone is heard and not skipped over. 

Add descriptions to images in chat 

You are able to describe what’s in your images that you place in a Teams chat to help describe to those who may not be able to view the image well. 

Split video layout across multiple screens for Teams Rooms on Windows 

Maximise your screen real estate in a Teams Room with the ability to split the video gallery across all available displays when content is not being shared. Better utilising the additional space can help focus attention on people joining remotely for a more inclusive and engaging meeting. 

Teams Meetings Recordings 

Multi-speed playback- You are now able to watch recordings at slower or faster paces (0.5 to 2x)
High-Quality Transcripts – Transcripts now have speaker attribution to stay up to date with who is talking 
Auto recording- You can now set your meetings to automatically record and be stored in your team.
Auto-expiration – After a certain period of time chosen by you, your recorded meetings will be sent to the recycle bin, saving space and time having to sieve through thousands of recordings. 

Hot Desking on Teams display 

You are now able to hot desk on Microsoft Teams which will allow employees to quickly locate and reserve flexible workspaces to touch down, make calls, set up ad-hoc meetings, or sign in to access their personalized Teams experience. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform that can transform your business into the modern-day, if you would like a consult, reach out below to speak with one of our experts. 

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