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New Microsoft Teams Essentials for Small business

December 14, 2021

Almost every organsiation in the current environment requires a smart communication tool that can fuel collaboration in the workplace. Regardless of what industry you fall under, or whether you’re big or small, the opportunities to utilise cloud storage, calling & collaboration tools, and planning tools are more important than ever. Microsoft has recognised the need within every business and have created a new offering to satisfy a group that has been generally hard done by during and after the pandemic, small businesses.  

There is already a free version of Microsoft Teams that is available to all, however Microsoft has released a Teams Essential package is the first standalone offering of Microsoft Teams designed specifically for small businesses. It brings together features small businesses need to serve customers, including unlimited group video calls for up to 30 hours, group chat, file sharing, calendaring, and many more. 

Teams Essentials brings all the best bits from Teams to help your small business prosper. 

Extended Meeting Times– You are able to have meetings that can last up to 30 hours so you have no need to worry about your hour meeting cutting out. 

Larger Meeting Capacity– You can host a total of 300 people which is 3 times as many participants in a meeting than the free version of Teams. 

Calendar Integration– You will not only be able to utilise your Outlook Calendar but in the new integration you will be able to utilize your Google Calendar as well. 

Easy invitation– You are able to add people to your meetings simply by using their email addresses and be asked to join the meeting. Even if they don’t have Teams they can access the meeting through their browser with no need to sign up or install Teams. 

Interactive Meetings—Professional meeting tools and capabilities like meeting lobby, virtual backgrounds, Together mode, live closed captions, live reactions, and more allow any organisation to host engaging meetings. 

Additional Cloud Storage– Teams Essentials offers you 10GB of file storage so that you can easily collaborate on files and documents without worrying about running out of space quickly. 

Small Business Chat Templates– Essentials has specific templates tailored to the needs of small business owners and managers that can be utilised in many ways. From group projects to polls, you can take productivity to the next level with rapid deployment. 

If you are a smaller business and have a limited budget – reach out to one of our experts and let us help you modernise your environment for less.

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