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December 2021 Teams Updates

December 7, 2021

Microsoft has made some major changes to Teams to fuel your productivity and make life a breeze. With greater acknowledgment of ease of use, and new features designed to make your presentations stand out, this month’s Teams updates are sure to help level up your business. 

Integrated Communication Access Realtime Translation (ART) captioning in meetings 

You are now able to view your captions through ART within the Microsoft Teams meeting window without requiring a second window. You can now follow along with the meeting with live captions on a singular screen, ensuring you never miss a minute. 

Word Clouds 

 New to Teams polls, you can now get a fast and effective graphic of the top responses to phrases people answered. This can help determine everyone’s responses in a simple manner that doesn’t require you to scroll through data. 

Content from Camera 

This feature enables you to share content from physical whiteboards or documents in a high-quality way during your meetings. You simply utilize the camera in your laptop, a portable USB webcam, or a document camera to almost scan the document into the meeting. Similar to Microsoft Teams Rooms technology, the camera can detect, crop, and frame the asset live while enhancing the content for the video stream. After it is uploaded you can make yourself transparent to ensure the document can be seen clearly and used effectively. 

Custom Hold Music 

Admins can now configure the audio played when someone is put on hold over Teams. They can simply upload the audio file and adjust the hold policy settings to make the changes, creating the opportunity to hear more about your company even during downtimes. 

Loop for Teams 

Loop components allow you to create live, collaborative components that can be edited in the flow of your work, whether in chat, meetings, email, or documents. The first part of this vision is rolling out now to Teams chat, enabling you to edit messages inline and avoid a long back-and-forth chat thread. 

Updated Search 

There has been an updated search experience in Teams which makes finding people, files, and messages easier. A redesigned search page makes information that is relevant pop and drowns out less relevant searches. Furthermore, the addition of a top hits element in the search bar means you can find the information extremely fast. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform that can transform your business into the modern-day, if you would like a consult, reach out below to speak with one of our experts. 

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