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New PowerPoint Recording Studio

November 30, 2021

PowerPoint allows us to communicate in a compelling and interesting way helping to create a connection with the audience. The difference between a great PowerPoint and a poor one is often crucial to the success of business goals and functionality. There is often lots of stress involved with creating the perfect presentation and it can be even harder if you aren’t presenting your presentation live. Microsoft has updated its recording studio to help you create the best presentation possible for moments where you aren’t able to present in person or online.

Using the new PowerPoint studio mode, you have access to custom views to help you impress at your next presentation. Being able to annotate slides live, use the ink pen and laser pointer, you can elevate your presentation to reach new heights.

The new studio will have multiple modes to suit your style:

Teleprompter View:

This is now the default view that you see when you are recording a presentation. It is ideal for all diverse types of recording and can help you stay focused on the screen without having to utilise physical notes. You can simply read the notes on the screen with your presentation in plain view as a tool.

Presenter View:

With presenter mode, you can see the slide you are on along with a notes pane on the right side of your screen. You will also be able to view thumbnails of all the upcoming slides so that you can keep track of timings and material.

Slide View:

If your slides already have all the information or you like going “off the cuff” you can utilise slide view which allows you to fully focus on the slide with no additional information. This view is generally recommended if you wish to make annotations on the slide as you go to make use of a larger canvas.


Editing and Sharing

Once your recording is complete, you can preview your video and re-record any parts if necessary. The new experience allows you to quickly create a video to share with others directly within the flow. Your recording – including your video, voice, slides, and annotations – are all captured and recorded as part of the presentation.

If you need to update text on a slide or adjust the layout directly from your presentation, you can update your slide content directly without the need to re-record the voice and video portion of your presentation. You can even leverage the power of Designer in PowerPoint to quickly update any slide to a polished-looking layout. When you’re done making any additional edits, click Export in the new Record tab to go directly to a simplified flow to create an update of the video.

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