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November 2021 Teams Updates

November 16, 2021

Microsoft are continually aiming to innovate with the latest and greatest technologies in Microsoft Teams. Honing in on the hybrid workforce, the updates to chat, webinars, and virtual environments truly reflect the reactions to the needs of the modern-day employee. 

New Chat Features 

A new place to chat with yourself, which can house drafts, quick idea dumps, and reminders to help you stay organized and not send incomplete messages. 

You are now able to react to messages with over 800 emojis instead of the original six. This will help to show your personality in a hybrid workforce. 


Chat density features will allow you to decrease the size of messages to fit up to 50% more content on your screen, reducing the need to scroll up and down to find previous messages known as compact display or you can utilise the original comfortable display. 



Delay the delivery of messages to best suit your schedule. You are now able to set a time for your message to send and it will arrive at the destination shortly after. 

Webinar Features 

Virtual Green Room 

This will enable organisers and presenters to socialise, monitor chat and Q&A, manage attendee settings and share content before the event even starts. This new feature provides a private space, to talk live and prep in the pre-live phase. While attendees wait, they are greeted with a welcome screen, and they can use chat to engage or pose questions with the Q&A experience. 


New Q & A 

The new Q&A experience enables more structure for both open and moderated meetings and webinars. Organisers and presenters can mark the best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts such as a welcome message. 

Manage Visuals 

Enable organisers and presenters to manage what attendees are able to see. This will help minimise distraction and keep the audience engaged. 



Enable up to 10 people to be designated co-organisers to help your event run smoothly. To do this select meeting options, “choose co-organiser” and select the individual participants you want. 

Mesh for Microsoft Teams 

Mesh is the new generation of 2D and 3D meeting experiences. It offers personalized avatars and collaborative spaces to bridge the gap between the online and the real world. By utilising avatars it enables you to have better conversations without even having to use your camera. Furthermore, by changing the scenery of the virtual world you can change the tone of the conversation and can still have access to all documents and presentations they require. These experiences will be available later in 2022. 


Make sure you install Microsoft Teams to ensure you can utilise all these great features. If you require assistance setting up Teams reach out below. 

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