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What are the benefits of Managed IT services?

November 9, 2021

Having workforces that are operating under hybrid conditions means that there is a greater requirement for cloud services and the potential for in-house IT to be on the downturn. Managed Services are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern office environment due to this fact, and if you want to shift your focus to work on the business, rather than in the business, then opting for managed services might be a move in the right direction.  


What are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT Services allow you to achieve your business goals without having the hassle of looking after your own IT environment. Having your IT systems and networks taken care of by an external team of experts ensures that your business can continue to grow without the need for an in-house IT team. Experts will look after any and all IT needs for your company no matter how big or small the issue is to create a perfect working environment that allows you to achieve organisational goals. Not only this, but at Jasco we also help roadmap future IT projects to improve your ICT environment over time so that your systems can grow with your business, whilst saving you time and money.  

Who is Managed Service right for? 

Managed Services are right for any organisation that wants to cut costs, improve inefficiencies and enhance security. By having stable costs through monthly or yearly billing, managed services create a stable cash flow without requiring any internal charges to ICT needs. If your organisation is employing its own IT team, it can be costly to ensure their upkeep with constant training required for new products and services as well as increasing salaries to keep employees happy. External managed services negate that need by having trained professionals constantly look after the environment at a fraction of the cost of internal employees. They also ensure that your environment is equipped with the latest solutions in order to stay secure when working remotely. 

Why do you need Managed Services? 

The main reasons why you would need managed services are as follows 

Achieving Goals 

 By outsourcing your IT environment, you can reduce the time and stress of housing your own IT team and focus on what is truly important to your organisation. 

Reduce IT Costs 

 By utilising the knowledge of experts, your environment will become as efficient and effective as possible. Having fixed billing means that there are no surprises or nasty big costs or outages. Managed services allow for the constant overview of the environment to solve these issues without having to employ them internally. 

Detection of Threats 

 Security threats are becoming more and more prominent, having experts constantly overlooking the environment means that there is a significantly lower chance of hackings or malicious attacks to occur and even if they do, rapid resolution can occur. 


 When the entire environment is being looked after in one centralised place, automation of new products and technologies can occur. Whether it’s rapid changing to licensing or the addition of new security policies, having the ability to automate saves time and ensures safety. 

Benefits of Managed Services 

Predictable Low Costs 

Managed Services make your IT expenses more predictable and lower by offering set monthly or annual rates. Internal IT teams generally come with more frequent and unexpected expenses that can quickly drain an IT budget. Networks are expensive to run and maintain but Managed Services providers will absorb costly expenses to your IT environment through the contract. Finally, for smaller businesses the cost of servers, equipment, hiring new employees, and constant training can be financially stressful, so an external team would be beneficial. 



 Having In-House IT can be expensive and that’s why IT is usually a smaller team that can be overworked and thus inefficient. If your business is growing, you need something that can grow with you, managed service providers are able to allocate more resources to you without the need for you to hire, train and potentially even lose staff to them moving on. 


Downtime prevention 

Businesses cannot afford any down time. By investing in managed services, you are investing in experts who can have a watchful eye over all things related to your environment. They can help prevent downtime by never letting issues get to a critical mass often with 24/7 support. 


New Technology 

By trusting your managed service provider, you can be indulged with the latest and greatest technology has to offer. By employing a team of experts who love technology, they always want the best for your environment, and this can help your organisation by reducing inefficiencies and improving productivity. 


Key Takeaways 

Managed Services can be a great addition to your organisation. Offering reliable costs with expert advice and scalability could be the next move your organisation could make to step into the modern world. Jasco Consulting offers amazing managed services with advanced tools for problem identification, solving, and reporting. Not only this but you will have an assigned account manager who is dedicated to improving your environment and plan your next IT upgrades. Overall, by implementing managed services at your organisation you could save yourself thousands in upkeep and remove the added stress of internal IT so that you can focus on what is truly important to your business. 

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