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Everything you need to know about Microsoft Intune

October 26, 2021

Stay secure whilst staying productive. Microsoft Intune is a Microsoft Endpoint Management solution that allows your staff secure access to their data to stay productive when working at home, or in the office, whilst ensuring corporate data is protected at all times. With organisations looking at moving staff around due to the pandemic, this application is more necessary than ever. Intune enables you to onboard new employees or new devices to company set security and data policies with ease. This blog will explain what Microsoft Intune is, how it works in conjunction with other M365 management, what it is used for, the features, and the security aspects. Jasco provides many different device and application management applications that can be deployed to your organisation.

What is Microsoft Intune? 

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based application that allows for mobile device management and mobile application management. As an IT manager, you can control how your organisations devices are used with all devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. With Intune, you are also able to set specific policies to control different applications. As an example, you are able to block access to send emails outside of your organisation if you wanted to. The best feature of Microsoft Intune is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) nature of the service. With BYOD employees are able to bring any device they currently own or you can purchase any device and it can be compatible with your organsiations policies with Intune. 

How Intune Works? 

Microsoft Intune works by connecting all your devices to a sole cloud management device. The IT manager will be able to set policies and procedures on one centralised device. These policies could be anything from requiring password protection, threat protection, or app limitations. After the policies have been set on the one device, the policies can be applied over the cloud to any device you want. This is thus an extremely efficient way of onboarding policies without your staff having to even be in the office. 


What is Intune used for? 

Microsoft Intune is used for many things however its major users would be as follows. 

Applying Device Configuration 

 -Apply and enforce device configuration settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN across different devices 

Enforce Device Security 

 -Encrypt devices, enabling an extra layer of security via password application and limitations on minimum OS required for each device 

Deploying Applications 

 -Deploy Applications as mandatory applications or make them available as self-service via the Intune company portal. 

Wiping Devices 

 -Wipe the whole device, or selective apps, once an employee leaves the organisation, keeping your sensitive data protected. 


Features of Intune 

Operate with 100% of the cloud with Intune or be co-managed with Configuration Manager and Intune. 

Set rules and configure settings on personal and organisation-owned devices to access data and networks. 

Deploy and authenticate apps on devices — on-premises or on the go. 

Protect your company information by controlling the way users access and share information. 

Remotely lock or wipe stolen or lost devices 

Remotely grant or revoke access to company data 

Push automatic updates and security patches 

Microsoft Intune Security 

Intune is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security suite. Provided in this suite is access to multiple channels of deeper protection and security. Intune allows you to monitor individual devices over a full network ensuring that your staff all have the latest and greatest safety policies and procedures in place. By forcing updates and pushing security patches or implementing Multi-Factor Authentication policies will help to ensure your staff are protected. Microsoft Intune also helps with onboarding new employees promptly in a secure fashion or conversely redacting privileges to employees leaving to ensure they can no longer access company data or files. 


Key Takeaways 

Microsoft Intune enables your organisation to monitor policies and procedures from one centralised location to any and all devices you want your staff to utilise. The benefits of being able to bring any device to the organisation and be up and running efficiently with applications and security protocols are attractive to many organisations. Furthermore, being able to keep data safe with policies and remove access to those not permitted ensures that your organisation can be protected over the cloud. Jasco specialises in security and believes Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune can help save time and effort for your IT department in a safe and secure manner. If you would like to speak to our experts about how Intune could be utilised in your organisation reach out below. 

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