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Windows 11

October 19, 2021

After a 6-year stint on the market, Windows 10 will be getting a revamp with the availability of the new and exciting Windows 11 platform. The new Windows 11 will give users a unique experience in all areas of work, study and entertainment whilst promoting creativity through customisation. The brand-new system has been under development for a while but with changes to the world’s landscape, it was further accelerated to help facilitate working and playing from different environments in a safe and secure way. 

This updated version of Windows will have a plethora of new features to help you connect, collaborate and play with ease. This blog will unpack some of the major features of the new operating system and show you how you can utilize them in your business environment. 

New Taskbar  

On Windows 11 you no longer need to look to the bottom left of your screen to have easy access to all your favourite apps, from now on a centralised taskbar will allow you to have an easier workflow with everything in eyeshot. The layout ensures you can do tasks with fewer clicks saving you time and effort. 

Snap Assist and Desktop Groups 

If you are working on multiple things at once like we all are take advantage of the latest Snap Assist feature with Windows 11. By simply dragging the window over to the edge of the screen you will be prompted to choose from a template of organized grid options to suit your needs. Not only this, if you have external displays connected to your device Windows 11 will remember the configuration for the next time you open up the apps. 

Desktop Groups allow you to have multiple desktops running at once. For instance, you may have your main workflow desktop with Teams, Outlook, and PowerPoint and an alternative desktop for your social media platforms, so that you can easily switch back and forth to ensure you never miss a moment. In Windows 11 you can have up to 4 desktop groups. 

Microsoft Teams in one touch 

With the new integrated toolbar, you can now access Microsoft Teams in one touch from your taskbar. The toolbar can pop up a chat window to chat with everyone in your team and you can even meet now with this feature. 


Productivity is our friend and with widgets, you can put all your favourite apps in one place to ensure you can grab snippets of information as efficiently as possible. On the left side of your screen, you can click or swipe to bring up your own personalized widgets bar where you can see updates like weather, stocks, sports scores, social media updates, and many more. 

These are just a few of the many features you will get to enjoy if you upgrade to Windows 11 today. The process will be free for most compatible Windows 10 users however if the system requirements on your device don’t allow for it then you may have to purchase a new device if you want to utilize the new operating system. If you require advice around Windows 11 feel free to reach out below to chat to our experts to see how this new update can help fuel productivity and efficiency. 

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