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October 2021 Teams Updates

October 12, 2021

Microsoft Teams is constantly providing its users with new and improved features to improve efficiency and productivity. This month Teams has produced features to help with mobility and also efficiency through its new messaging features. Start taking full advantage of Microsoft Teams and all it has to offer. Teams has become a product that we heavily rely on for our daily communication, and it is great to see Microsoft constantly evolving the platform to suit today’s world. 

Present from PowerPoint to Teams 

In the current version of Microsoft Teams you have to be in the Teams app to present your slide deck however with the latest update you can now stream your slide deck through the PowerPoint app by simply clicking “Present in Teams”.

Teams Meetings now available on Apple CarPlay 

 If you are constantly on the go and take plenty of meetings in the car this update is for you. Microsoft Teams calling and meetings now integrates into Apple CarPlay seamlessly through an app. With voice activation, you can make and join calls without having to touch your device. 

Breakout Rooms Assignments 

Microsoft Teams has updated the interface for assigning members to breakout rooms. Instead of having to go through the settings, you will now be prompted with a pop-up to assign all members.

Restart Live Event 

This new feature allows you to restart your live event after you have ended it. Now, there’s a way to start fresh if you accidentally end your event or run into an error. Only the Producer of the live event can restart by clicking … and selecting Restart Event.  




Pin a Message 

You are now able to pin important messages to the top of your feed. This will help employees not miss important information in an efficient way. 

Reply to a message 

 Whilst chatting in Teams you can now specifically reply to a message. This will help create context around the answer and save time scrolling through previous messages to understand the main points. 

New Default Settings for opening Docs 

Now there will be a setting to change the default way a document sent through Teams will open. You can choose from in Teams, Browser, or in the desktop app. 


All these updates and more will be available in early October. Make sure you install Microsoft Teams to ensure you can utilise all these great features. If you require assistance setting up Teams reach out below. 

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