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September 2021 Teams Updates

September 28, 2021

Exciting new updates are rolling out into the Microsoft Teams environment over the coming weeks, and this is the September update edition. Help your business stay up to date with Microsoft Teams and ensure your staff are getting the most out of your Teams experience.  

Side-by-side mode 

This mode will help to increase presentation effectiveness as it displays your video feed right next to your content to ensure all staff or members can concentrate on physical cues as well as audio cues throughout the presentation. 


Reporter mode 

This mode puts your content over your shoulder as a visual aid, attempting to keep the focus on you presenting and not distracting people with the PowerPoint.  In addition to previous modes like standout, this helps give choice to the presenter to gain maximum effectiveness and engagement for the meeting experience 

Live Captions and Live Transcript 

Meetings held in one of the Microsoft-supported languages are now also supported by real-time captioning and transcription. They have expanded to 27 new spoken languages including German, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, and Hindi to name a few. This feature ensures everyone is being heard and communication can still be a strength even if there is a language barrier. 

Recording and Live Transcripts 

Now when you turn on the recording of a meeting it will automatically also turn on live transcript. This helps ensure that you will never miss a moment in a meeting as you can go back in the recordings and transcripts tab of the meeting and search through the transcript to find the perfect moment to go back to if necessary. 


Custom Together Mode 

Developers are now able to create their own customs scenes for together mode in a meeting experience. This can help your employees feel more connected if the environment is familiar or custom built to suit them. 

Lower all raised hands 

When at least one hand is raised, meeting organisers and presenters can now lower all raised hands with a single click. Simply navigate to the participant pane and click on the Lower all hands option. This helps quickly lower all hands when associated questions have been resolved to make way for newly raised questions. 

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