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How to make your Teams meetings more collaborative and productive using built in Apps

September 14, 2021

Many of us are already on the Microsoft Teams platform, but it is now time to take it to the next level. The hybrid workforce has created the need for efficient collaboration and building connections. Microsoft knows this, and has focused on releasing built-in Teams apps that help balance the mix of working from home and remotely. Having the ability to work smarter with apps can also help break up the norm and minimalise work fatigue, whilst working to achieve business goals and objectives. 

Utilising built in apps can take your meetings from 0-100 rapidly. Specifically, facilitating collaboration, team productivity, and driving better results. With so many options, there are apps to help us stay on the agenda, log plans or actions, plan future meetings and so much more. Previously you were only able to use external apps in the side panel or through meeting notifications, however, with the share-to-stage update, you are now able to add an app to the meeting stage where everyone can interact with the content in real-time. Below are some apps focused on brainstorming that you can download through the apps store and utilise in your Teams meetings! 



Teamwork through MURAL 

MURAL is a collaboration platform aimed at integrating teamwork through problem-solving, play, and imagination. This whiteboard app will have the capability to do quick brainstorms, affinity maps, diagrams, and many more. Collaborate live through Teams now. 




If you are unsure where to start, Miro is the app for you. This whiteboard platform has room for unstructured thinking, co-creation, and visual collaboration that can be brought to life. In this update, you will be able to utilise tools like sticky notes, arrows, voting, timers, and more to create boards together. 




Voice your ideas and plans through Freehand. This app helps teams collaborate on plans, mind maps, text, and diagrams.  

Discover how Teams apps can empower your workforce and boost collaboration. In your next meeting, try adopting an app to see how it works for your organisation today. 


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