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Microsoft 365 Updates

September 7, 2021

Microsoft 365 is a collaboration suite of apps to help you stay connected and achieve business goals and objectives. After last month’s Microsoft Inspire, here are the updates on items coming to Microsoft 365 to further boost collaboration and productivity when working in the office or at home. 

Windows 365

Last month at Ignite Windows 365 was announced which enables you to securely stream your Windows experience—including your personalised apps, content, and settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device with your Windows 365 Cloud PC. The cloud element allows you to seamlessly transition between devices to ensure you can always remain productive on the go. Employees will be able to access all their favourite apps through the streamed service on laptops, phones, tablets, and more creating easily scaled approaches for organisations, eliminating hardware complexities. 


Collaborate with Teams new Partner Apps 

Confluence Cloud is designed to promote more effective meetings where users can take notes on the Confluence panel inside the Teams meeting. Confluence makes team notes digestible and action-oriented and allows users to format notes such as action items, decisions, code snippets, mentions, and tables. These notes are then formatted and automatically shared in a Teams channel. 

Microsoft Teams have added Microsoft Bookings to effectively manage and schedule virtual meetings. This will be added for any frontline license in M365 which provides a low-cost license option for healthcare providers interested in collaboration. 


You can also now collaborate through Salesforce in-app capabilities. Sales and service teams can bring account data and records into Teams channels, and pin items to calendars and chat channels.  

Q and A in meetings are now available where organisers and designated presenters can ask questions and mark best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts. Responses to questions are put in a thread in a conversation with the original question. Designated presenters can act as co-moderators to help screen questions. 


Work-Life Balance 

 Research has shown that taking small breaks can help reduce fatigue and increase an employee’s overall wellbeing. Speedy events help to combat fatigue through its feature of automatically setting events to start “late” or end “early,” helping people carve out essential breaks between back-to-backs meetings.  

If you require advice on any Microsoft products, feel free to reach out below to speak with our experts on how we can help you maximise productivity at work. 

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