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How Azure keeps you secure

August 31, 2021

Cloud backup solutions have never been more important in a constantly evolving and moving world. With many businesses either working remotely or working in hybrid environments, the storing of data has become more complex. Working remotely makes it harder to store information securely on physical infrastructure as a connection can be a struggle to optimise. However, the adoption of cloud services and cloud backup solutions has become the best way to combat the current working situation. Being on the move and having multiple areas of penetration into the environment means you need stable and secure solutions to ensure your data is accessible and secure. 


 Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering which enables you to achieve your business goals through flexibility and scalability. Azure enables you to manage and deploy apps anywhere at any time whilst utilising your own framework and infrastructure. The Azure cloud offers continuous innovation and supports growth through its scalable approach, being able to increase or decrease workload to save your organisation money. 

Strengthening Security Through Azure 

Secure Foundations 

 Multi-layered security powered by Microsoft ensures your data is stored in safe and secure ways. With state-of-the-art security controls and added protection against threats like DDoS, over 3,500 cybersecurity experts work together to ensure your business’ data is safe. 


Simplified Security 

Azure allows you to quickly access all services with access to identity, data, networking, and apps. The analytics and insights you can gain through the Azure security center ensures you can gain continuous protection and increase measures where necessary. 


Azure Intelligence 

Azure intelligence enables threat detection as a service, utilising machine learning, behavioural analytics, and application-based intelligence, to detect threats faster. By detecting threats faster, it can save your business crucial time and effort in protecting against various threats and attacks that may occur. 


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