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August 2021 Teams Meeting Updates

August 24, 2021

Microsoft Teams is continuing to power remote and hybrid work. In particular, a focus on meetings, there are additions to the platform that ensure the end-user experience is as smooth as possible to maximise productivityefficiency, and collaboration – regardless of their location. Teams has become a product that we heavily rely on for our daily communication, and it is great to see Microsoft constantly evolving the platform to suit today’s world. Check out the latest updates below. 

Lock your meetings 

You are now able to manually lock your meetings to avoid join attempts. This can be used to stop distractions during meetings and lock out late joiners. Anyone who attempts to join the meeting after it has been locked will receive a message informing them, they cannot join. 



Slide Translate 

Translation capabilities can now be used in PowerPoint Live for Teams meetings. Translating the slide live to your language of choice during presentations will ensure no one misses a word! 

Auto Record 

Teams now allows you to record a single or reoccurring meeting by enabling “Record Automatically” from the meeting settings. This ensures you don’t forget to record and means if a meeting is missed it can easily be caught rewatched. 


Find a meeting based on what was said during the meeting 

An incredibly handy feature is the ability to be able to search in the Teams search bar for anything that was said during a recorded meeting transcript, to find what you are looking for.  


Organisation Wide Backgrounds 

With remote work on the rise, you can now upload your own personalised organisation-wide backgrounds to be used during Teams meetings. This is especially handy when holding meetings with those outside the organisation. In the admin center, you can change the meeting policies to enable the use of up to 50 images.  



Related content for Teams Mobile 

Related Content makes meetings more effective by providing you with important information from your mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint sites. This helps you prepare before meetings by offering content you haven’t had a chance to read or may want to revisit. You can find this content on the Meeting Details page. 



Transfer calls between desktop and mobile 

Whilst on a call, you can now transfer the call between devices. This improves productivity and helps employees who are always on the go. Especially handy for those who are working from home! 

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