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August 10, 2021

Critical Insights from Every Conversation 


Jasco recently announced our partnership with Dubber, the number one cloud Unified Call Recording and Voice AI solution. While more organisations are looking to gain insights into their performance, Dubber is the Microsoft Teams Add-on to help. 

92% of all customer interactions are voice-related so more than ever with remote and hybrid work environments, these calls and conversations are happening in new locations, over multiple networks, multiple collaboration platforms, and devices. These are often the most important conversations happening in a business and currently, when they end critical data, content and value is lost forever.  That can all be resolved through the implementation of Dubber. Our Microsoft Teams and Telstra customers can now easily record, store and analyse any call for compliance, customer experience, productivity and performance, and fast dispute resolution. 


The benefits of unified call recording and voice AI include:  

  • Meet compliance needs and mitigate risks – cost-effectively record, store and monitor every call to meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines. 
  • Improve CX and reduce churn – real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment to quickly improve retention and customer service  
  • Customer dispute resolution – Quickly and easily manage customer investigations with instant access to all customer conversations. 
  • Boost productivity of sales & service staff– Remove manual data entry of call data and automatically upload into CRM such as Salesforce. 
  • Coaching and training – Improve staff performance with insights based on what was actually said to customers. 
  • Cost reduction of legacy call recording solutions – Eliminate storage and professional service costs with cloud-based call recording. 



Why Choose Dubber? 

Dubber is the only certified, fully integrated solution for Microsoft Teams and Telstra. Dubber can be switched on with a click to securely and compliantly capture calls from any device or location – without costly hardware. Any call recordings can be easily accessed and are instantly searchable from the web portal or mobile app creating a simple environment to gain insight.  

From sentiment analytics and transcriptions to keyword trends and alerts, AI-powered insights enable a business to capture the value in every conversation—all from one easy-to-use platform that connects to Salesforce, applications, and dashboards. 


Like to learn more? 

Download the e-guide “Compliant Calls & Conversations for Microsoft Teams” 

We’ve got a great eBook to offer our clients: Learn how to create a secure, compliant and scalable system of record for every Microsoft Teams conversation. 



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