Jasco & Canterbury Surrey Hills: Modernisation Journey


Bendigo Bank introduced the Community Bank Network to empower local communities—giving them direct equity in their banking service provider, as well as the scale advantages associated with an established banking brand. At heart, they are a community business that focuses on supporting the community.


Much bigger than just a Bank, they make significant investments to help build our local community, supporting projects and activities to deliver beneficial outcomes for the wider community. Returning 60% of profits to the local community. So far the company has given back more than $6 million back to the community.


Jasco Consulting began their partnership with Canterbury Surrey Hills (CASH) as a result of the continued growth that they experienced. Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance created a new modern branch with executive offices and meeting rooms as a space that can be used by the local community. As it was a new venture, they required an organisation that was able to see their vision and assist in its growth, as a result they reached out to Jasco Consulting to set up their new space, providing technology solutions needed today and into the future.

About Canterbury Surrey Hills 

Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance Limited operate the Ashburton, Balwyn, Canterbury and Surrey Hills Community Bank branches under a franchise agreement with the Bendigo Bank.

The company was created by locals to bring banking back after the closure of banks on Maling Road, Canterbury and Union Road, Surrey Hills.

Three objectives:

  • provide exceptional banking services to our communities
  • grow our capacity to invest in community projects
  • provide a reasonable financial return to shareholders, many of whom live locally.


Industry: Banking

Learn More: https://supportingourcommunity.com.au/



Enhanced security measures to provide CASH with protection against attacks

Modern office space with the latest technology via partnership with Lumicom

New office location to be front and centre for the community


Their digital transformation journey began with the implementation of edge security with a FortiGate firewall. This provided CASH with next-generation security alongside enhanced antivirus, antimalware, and deep packet inspection to stop them from being hacked and causing downtime.


The second part of the project was a fit-out of their boardroom with new panels and video conferencing equipment. In partnership with Lumicom, Jasco Consulting created a multimedia room with digital screens and wireless microphones to be used for meetings and community events.


Lastly, Wi-Fi access points were configured to ensure staff could stay connected even when moving around the office. Previously, staff was not able to do this due to the lack of co. All these aspects helped Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance increase its efficiency and productivity creating a modern hub for technology.

Jasco Consulting continue to work with Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance to power all their technology needs and hope they can continue giving back to the community in any way possible.

Supporting Statements

“Working with Jasco from initial project scope through to implementation has been professional and efficient. As with all new projects, there were revisions throughout the process and the Jasco and Lumicom team were always responsive and found solutions. The new space allows our team to work more collaboratively and provides an opportunity for us to host community organisations. “

Nick Coker, Chief Executive Officer

Canterbury Surry Hills


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