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Front-Line Evolution

July 28, 2020

Front-line Workers have it tough and this has been especially obvious whilst facing a pandemic. Whilst some are lucky enough to be safe and work from home, front line workers have to put their necks out in public to ensure the world keeps spinning. No matter the degree of difficulty of work, weather it be working at a grocery store or being a nurse, each person has had to adapt to the new way of living.

With these changes it has been tricky for some business’ to keep up with the changes in technology and how that can have a positive effect on their organisation. Microsoft Teams is one example of a platform that is doing all it can to help front-line workers get the best resources available to do their job with ease during this awful time.

Walkie Talkie

Whether working shifts where handovers can’t occur in person or even having to connect remotely to experts, Walkie Talkie can be a handy resource. Walkie Talkie is a push-to-talk experience that enables clear, instant and secure voice communication over the cloud. This in-built app ensures any phone user has access to the system which works over WIFI or cellular data which can be more reliable and secure than short wave analog radios. Walkie Talkie also utilizes the employees personal phone which can reduce fixed costs for the business of buying expensive radio equipment.

Digitze Manual Process

Managers have to spend hours manually creating rosters and shift schedules to ensure they are conflict free and free of error. In Teams you can utilize shifts to automatically do your rosters for you with conflict warning coming later this year. Teams makes creating rosters a breeze for efficient and effective communication.

Employees will also be able to clock on and off from any device with the hybrid solution from any location, with geo-fencing capabilities where organisations can fence locations so people cannot clock in or out if they are not in the correct location.

Front-line Devices

Teams and RealWear have created head-mounted devices that can have front line, field workers can remain 100% hands free with the voice-controlled user interface. Users can access chats, remote assist and other resources without even touching the headset to ensure they can see in real time to resolve issues and reduce the risk of expensive downtime.

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