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Microsoft Lists Benefits

July 20, 2021

Microsoft Lists is an all-encompassing Microsoft Teams app that allows you to track information, organise work and customise information for your team. This app has helped many teams across different industries sort through various activities, and plan ahead. The lists themselves are simple to create and extremely customisable for your own organisation. 

Here are a few benefits to how the Lists app can solve your communication issues: 

Favoriting a List 

We often have to leave work and come back to it, and it can be extremely difficult to find documents if we have closed them. That is why you can favourite your Lists for easy access to ensure you don’t waste precious time searching through all your documents. Simply star the specific list and it will be added to the recent tab and home page within the Lists app and it will appear on the top of all lists. 




The easiest way to utilise the power of Lists is through the automatic template feature. This will enable you to choose from 11 templates that cover common scenarios like work progress trackers, employee onboarding, and many more. After you have utilised the template you can fully customise it as you please. 



Mirror an existing format 

In Lists you can replicate previously made lists made by yourself or your colleagues. The replication will include the structure, formatting, and columns but will leave out content so you can add in your own. 



Adding to Teams 

You can add any List to Microsoft Teams and share it within any channel you desire. This can help keep all our employees on track and productive. 



Tagging your colleagues 

You are also able to @mention any of your team to ensure they see the comment or conversation. This will trigger an email notification or a Teams notification to ensure the employee never misses a beat 

Calendar View 

In the calendar view you view the project milestones over a long period of time. This can help visualise and priorotise tasks and people’s workload during these periods. 

If you want to organise your team and ensure they are all on the same page make sure you utilise Lists today. For all help with Microsoft Teams reach out below to speak with our experts.   

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