Jasco & Richers Transport: An Azure Journey


Jasco Consulting’s relationship with Richers Transport began when they needed assistance with their Telstra CSX environment. As a result, we signed them on as a managed services customer and continued to work with them on their environment providing them with solutions that were in line with their overall business goals and objectives.

Richers Transport was undergoing strategic road mapping sessions with Jasco Consulting, as part of their managed services agreement, when Jasco discovered that Richers was utilising aging technology which posed several security threats and support concerns. Therefore, there was a clear need for new modernised solutions within their ICT environment, ones which improved manageability for devices and a reduction in overall costs to Richers.

With that in mind, Jasco’s advised a whole business transformation which included Microsoft 365 suite and the migration from Telstra CSX to Microsoft Azure. This will provide predominately SaaS and software-defined solutions.

About Richers Transport

As a leading provider of general freight and commercial haulage along the East Coast, Richers Transport operates one of Australia’s most modern heavy vehicle fleets.

Richers modern and professionally maintained fleet of new prime movers keeps our carbon and emissions footprint to a minimum while ensuring maximum productivity at all times for their valued customers.

For freight services from Bundaberg and Brisbane down to Sydney and Melbourne and return, you can rely on Richers Transport to get your consignment to its destination safely and on time.

Industry: Transport

Learn More: https://www.richers.com.au/


Increased security measures by adding an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication

Migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Moving from on-premise infrasturcture to Microsoft Azure cloud


Jasco proposed the Microsoft 365 Business Premium Subscription, focusing on employing device management, security enhancements and governance to corporate devices regardless of whether they are in the office or remote. This would allow Richers to leverage the suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

Part of the proposal also included the removal of on-premises equipment by utilising Iaas. This meant that Jasco would rebuild Domain Controller, File Print App and Utility Server into Microsoft Azure. Not only that, but also deploy Remote Desktop Services like Windows Virtual Desktop to assist in remote work during the lockdowns. 

To facilitate the server migration, reduce operational cost, improve edge security, and increase inter-site and internet speeds; Jasco will provide an internet WAN solution built on FortiGate firewall hardware and Telstra NBN internet links. All this for almost an eighth of the operational cost of the current Telstra MPLS links.


Richers Transport has a completely modernised environment with innovate, cloud-based solutions. With the use of Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Azure, Richers Transport is completely utilising Microsoft’s suite of products whilst experiencing all the benefits it has to offer.

With Intune and Multi-Factor Authentication, Richers Transport can now manage and secure their PC’s from anywhere, whilst removing risk associated with traditional or weak password policies as well as remove the risk to their business when user credentials are compromised.

Supporting Statements

“At Richers Transport, we chose to outsource our complete IT management to Jasco Consulting. The team at Jasco Consulting are extremely experienced, have a deep understanding of technology and attain a variety of professional expertise, providing us with agile solutions that suit our business needs. Using Jasco’s Managed Services has allowed us to save time and money, allowing us to focus on other parts of the business. Ultimately, we required strategic advice for the business, with a strong focus on cost control and savings, which is exactly what Jasco provides Richers. They are a service partner that functions as an extension of the Richers Transport family.”

Matthew Richers, Administration Manager

Richers Transport 


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