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Early July 2021 Teams Updates

July 6, 2021

Microsoft Teams has undergone plenty of change over the past year, attempting to create an efficient, seamless experience for its users. The collaboration platform is consistently implementing new features and updates to help you become more efficient regardless of your location, or your device. Check out the latest updates and see how they can help your meetings run more smoothly and have greater control over your channels. 

Attendance Dashboard 

 When a meeting or webinar is complete, organisers can now view an attendance report that describes how many registered vs attended, who attended the meeting, and whether they engaged for all or part of the meeting. This can be found in the Attendance tab of the meeting details. 


Lower all Raised Hands 

After a hand has been raised, meeting organisers can now simply lower all hands with a simple click. In the participants tab in the meeting, you will find the lower all hands button. This helps keep the meeting flowing after a question has been fully answered. 



 You are now able to spotlight up to 7 participants simultaneously during meetings. This feature can help keep your team focus on managers or leaders within meetings and make your meetings more effective. 

Chat Bubbles 

During a meeting any chats will now surface on all screens in the middle, making the chat more central to the conversation. You will no longer have to manually open the chat window to see what participants are typing or talking about. 

Laser Pointer and Ink in Microsoft Teams 

Presenters can now utilise Inking and the laser pointer in PowerPoint live. Presenters can be more engaging with their audience by drawing their attention to certain aspects or elements of the presentation.

Include device audio when sharing on iOS and Android 

 When sharing content on your mobile device you are now able to share video audio. This will ensure you can listen to voiceovers or music simultaneously without echos or sync issues together. This setting is under more action, share screen with audio. 

Out of Office 

Set up a message to let others know you are not working, or on vacation so you are not available to reply when they send a chat message. Your out-of-office status also synchronizes with Automatic Replies that are found in your Outlook calendar. 

Rich previews for SharePoint pages and news articles 

When you paste a SharePoint news article or page link in a Teams chat, it automatically converts into a rich display card highlighting page title, thumbnail image, author, and publish date. 

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