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New Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

June 22, 2021

Microsoft Teams enables users to collaborate in many ways. When thinking of Teams we often only think about its basic messaging and calling capability, however, Microsoft is consistently adding new apps and features that boost productivity for its users. Whiteboard is an inbuilt feature that is utilised for basic brainstorming sessions; however, Microsoft has decided to give it a complete revamp to ensure it suits the current conditions of the modern hybrid workforce.  

Real-time Whiteboard collaboration 

Microsoft has aimed to further increase the collaboration potential with the new iteration of Whiteboard. A new addition is Collaboration Cursors which puts nametags to each user’s cursor. This feature helps employees follow along with who is doing what on the whiteboard and empowers them to input ideas. Another feature of the update is the Follow Along setting which enables you to reduce distractions and only show one cursor when presenting. Furthermore, there are a plethora of new templates ranging from timelines to flow charts, so make sure to check them out for your next meeting. 


Boost Creativity 

Microsoft Teams has increased the content capabilities of your whiteboard, being able to insert both images and documents. This opens the opportunity to more types of meetings and is no longer just a simple whiteboard for brainstorming but instead, a reactive content sharing data display. Not only this but you can bring in external app components like tables or tasks lists to work on all while being able to give feedback through the introduction of reaction stickers.  

Unified Modern Look 

 With all these updates Microsoft has updated the user interface to support the ever-growing capabilities. They have added a new fluent toolbar that encapsulates all the latest updates with ease of use. The overall new experience shows who is collaborating with you at any given time and provides a unified user experience no matter the system or platform, ensure you can do your best work. 

Ink for Everyone 

Improved Mouse Inking makes it easier than ever for those with a mouse or trackpad to visually communicate ideas that are hard to write in words. Pen Support for Whiteboard in Teams allows you to draw automatically or get the unique benefits of using a pen, such as the tail eraser. One of the most functional updates allows you to quickly draw shapes and watch them automatically straighten with Shape Recognition. 


Whiteboard is also now available in Teams channels and chats. The new Share Content experience in Teams Meetings allows you to easily start a collaborative whiteboard for everyone in the meeting with just one click. Pre-prep or reuse whiteboards across multiple Teams Meetings with the new Open Existing Board functionality. 

If you require Microsoft Teams for your organisation, or want to learn more about this feature, reach out below to speak with one of our experts. 

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