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boosting collaboration with Range for microsoft teams

June 16, 2021

Hybrid work has been an essential step towards getting people back into the officewhilst also having the ability to work remotely when needed. Having a mix of in-office work and remote work can be important for work-life balance and productivity. 

 Microsoft Teams has become a staple application in fueling productivity and collaboration during times of remote work. Being able to utilise chat, video calling, sharing files, and even incorporating external apps has allowed businesses to adapt to the new way of work and find their rhythm within it. 

As every workplace is inherently different, some things may work for some organisations but not for others, so it is important to find your company’s happy medium and keep exploring ways to help your business innovate and improve. 

 One way you can boost your organisations success with communication during hybrid work is through the Microsoft Teams app called Range. Range is already in the apps marketplace and can be downloaded through your Microsoft Teams client. 

Range was created to keep all your teammates in the loop with your progress of work and how you are feeling each day. These little check-ins help keep the team together and make others aware of how their other colleagues are feeling, both workwise and personally. 

The app works by checking in once a day, which only takes about 5 minutes, and covers what you plan to do today, the progress on older tasks, and then a personal question that helps break the ice for the day. This update is then posted to your team for everyone to see. From there you can give congratulations on finishing tasks comment if they need help completing a task or even just check in to see how it’s coming along, saving time calling or messaging them. 

How Range Works: 

Share a Check-in — Range sends a reminder to your Outlook each morning to help you build a simple habit of planning your day, reflecting on your work, and sharing that with your team as a Check-in. 


Stay in sync — As teammates Check-in, you’ll see what they’re working on, and the progress they’ve made. 


Better meetings —In meetings, you will see a sidebar during your call with Check-ins from your team. Rather than long-winded status updates, everyone can get the gist from reading Check-ins and then dive into more meaningful conversations about the work saving time, and having a more efficient meeting. 


Feel connected —Share how you’re feeling, get to know your teammates with questions, or send an emoji thank you to a coworker to help you stay connected during hybrid work. 


If you would like to set up Microsoft Teams and applications like Range for your organisation, reach out to speak with one of our experts today. 

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